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Updated: Aug 23, 2019
1.994 · 39 REVIEWS
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March 2017: CySEC has withdrawn the license held by Atlas Capital Financial Services. CLICK HERE to verify.

April 7, 2016:  Cysec has suspended the license of ACFX.  One of the reasons listed was issues safeguarding clients' funds.  CLICK HERE to verify.
2019-01-10: The company changed their URL from AtlaseForex.com to ACFX.com then closed ACFX.com and changed back to AtlaseForex.com.

Fake reviews left from ACFX employees on 2016-01-27, 2015-11-05, 2014-05-27, and 2011-11-16.  The FPA is very disappointed that these unethical incidents continue to happen.  If this is how honest a broker is with reviews, how honest will the broker be wih trader's money.

There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty verdict against ACFX.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with this company until this issue can be resolved.

Formerly known as ACFX.com


About AtlaseForex.com (ACFX)

AtlaseForex is a forex broker. Atlase Forex offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. AtlaseForex.com offers over 5 forex currency pairs, commodities, cfds, futures stocks, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.

AtlaseForex.com (ACFX)

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1.994 · 39 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Masood Hussain,
Multan, Pakistan,
Jun 15, 2015,

I had not complete information about the ACFX bouns trading rules,
therefor I felt problem & talked to them to get the resolution.They briefed me in a very comprehensive way & the misunderstanding got cleared.I am start work again with ACFX because ,Fast execution and no Pequot instant withdraw great support..
Acfx is very good trusted Broker

2015-02-27 1Star MY ACFX Acc# 85466
I want to share my Expirience which i had with AC fx, Before i deposited i ask them the terms and condition and they told me very straight that we offer 50% bonus which will help me if my trades r going negative so i can have support from this , but i study very good the market bcz i am in the market from last 10 years, i Deposited 2000$ bcz i know investement is very Important In forex Market, i made very good profit of 1344$, Actually my wife was sick and needed the funds very Urgent , when i place withdraw i recieved email from them that my withdraw will be process with in 24 hour i was happy bcz it was good support from Broker.
After Suddenly i recived call from mr karan with very Attitude that i can withdraw my funds bcz i break the terms and condition of the bonus , when i asked him that explain me which terms i broke he smiled and he said that we will not show u anyhting and not even your withdraw if you want your withdraw you have to trade 40 lots in STP account or we will give you half of your funds.
i explained him i need the funds in emergency but he racist with me bcz i am from pakistan and he didnt listen my needs.
because i need the funds i start doing trading bcz i needed my funds urgently due to my wife was sick but when i made 30 lots i told him try to understand the situation but he was very racist with me. and he told if i want my funds , i have to complete 40 lots , after i told him ok , i see fake candles in the market bcz they wanted me to loose the funds
He is Indian, bcz i Am from pakistan he really show very strange face , his behavior wasnot correct and loose my lot funds
after whn i complete the 40 lots it left only 1800 $ from 3344$, which is huge loss for me and i didnt get my funds when i need and i have all the proofs against them and i will file case againt them to cysec and forex peace army as well.
Such Racist Broker, I apeal to all the guys from world dont trade with them , due to my personal relation with them and recist behavior
Sorry for My Bad English
Ahmed Al-Bayati,
Turkey, Iraq,
Feb 12, 2015,

I have been trading with ACFX for more than 3 years until today, they have been very honest, trustworthy and safe in regard of deposits and withdrawals, I have withdrawn over 1 millions dollar from them and I strongly recommend this broker because I have never ever faced a problem with them at any matter. and the reason I'm writing this comment is because there are too many scammers in the market that will suck your money or never pay you your profits which is very distributing and bad
Shahram Pishkari,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 23, 2014,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Shahram.pishkari vs acfx.com | GUILTY
ACFX usually offers bonus for his new customers but when you want withdraw they refer to "Customer Agreement PART B Clause 10" and DELETE all profit I have made !! without any special reason for that. they asked my WEBMONEY's private personal information but I denied giving them such information. my account history is attached and as you can find there is no illegal problem in trades that I have made. ACFX always mentions that they are regular broker but as my followings I still haven't received any proper answer for this issue from regulatory (cysec).
I don't know what should I do actually ...
they are not trustable and are good till you are in loss. as soon as you make a small withdraw they will vanish.

Email content from acfx :

Dear Client,
Your trading activity has been identified to be in breach of our Bonus Term and Conditions and of the CFDs Customer Agreement which you accepted when opening your account.
As per CFDs Customer Agreement PART B Clause 10 we are reversing all transactions on your account and proceeding with immediate termination of the agreement.
Your funds will be returned by the same method you deposited.
Kind Regards
Compliance Department
Jian Li,
, China (really Cyprus),
May 27, 2014,

they are good , they have a/c in CNY , bonus are nice :)
Good Support , fast execution , fast/safe depo/withdrawal

Review Moderation Team Note: 4 Star Rating removed.

This review did not come from China. It came from the same location in Cyprus that was used to make posts for ACFX's IB department in the forums.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review had been set to Zero stars.

Malaysia, Malaysia,
May 19, 2014,

I have an account with ACFX. When i made a withdrawal the were processing more then 1 week but no response at all. When I chat an enquire their answer will be

"We are working on your request, once accounting department process you will be informed by e mail".

"i can not give you exact time, As withdrawal request processed by accounting department"

This is their answer. Horrible broker. Please avoid.
Nemet Stefan,
Sat.Tarcea, Romania,
Mar 19, 2014,

Finally my problem is solved. 3 weeks later from the request they sent my money by the first requested method, to moneybookers.
Take care for your your money.

2014-03-18 1Star I have a live account at ACFX, i requested a withdraw 3 weeks ago to moneybookers. After several days of waiting they said they have some technical problems with moneybookers and since it didnt get solved i requested a withdraw to my bank account.
On 14 March they removed my money from the trading account and told me they sent it to my bank account, after 5 days still no money i called them and realized that they didn't send the money out yet.
I am worried because they are not telling me anything, its hard to contact with my account manager. I am worried about my money, if anyone have any idea what to do in this case please help me.
, Russian Federation,
Sep 2, 2013,

Not working. They do not allow to withdraw until you submit documents but I've found document upload form does not work at all.
ahmad faikul mustafid komar,
in my room, Indonesia,
Apr 8, 2013,

i have request to withdraw my account 4days ago, i'm still waiting until they called me and will process my withdraw today, i'm waiting now, just wait and see...
Hyderabad, India,
Feb 10, 2013,

I opened a 500 $ accoutn and I did receve the 200$ bonus immediately. Service is good . I observed that during London Open Hours their quotes service did not work for 45 minutes( the currents rates from the provides did not reflect on metatrader, so for 45 mins the EURUSD value did not change). After sending a mail to suport , they informed me that Quotes are received from third party, and that their service was down for some time. This happened on Friday 8, Feb, 2013. I also observed that Expert Advisors are not working on ACFX Meta tradeer, I used Dragon Pips, it works fine on other softwares.
One good thing abt axfx is that its spread for EURUSD are as low as 1.8 in Classic Account.
roney jose,
india, India,
Jan 15, 2013,

Good broker.Very fast deposits and withdrawals.Steady spreads.Their personal account manager Dragana calls up very often to check up if everything is ok with their service and also to inform about their latest offers.Looks like ACFX is here to stay.As of now i give 5 stars