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Updated: Apr 8, 2019
4.303 · 11 REVIEWS
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4.303 · 11 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Aug 30, 2016,

Extremely poorly prepared notes. Disappointing mentorship

I had an absolute nightmare with this company.

Firstly, a significant proportion of the notes is either available online free of charge, or plagiarized. Look at the review dated Mar 17, 2012. Apparently things haven't improved in 4 years. Examples:

1) 'Education' on trading psychology is in the form of the trainer sending a PIRATED copy of 'Trading in the Zone' by the late Mark Douglas. I have contacted the rightful content owner to inform them of this IP infringement and can affirm that it is indeed pirated, since no genuine PDF copies of the book exist. Incredibly, the trainer accuses me of saying I BOUGHT (vastly different in a legal context) the pirated PDF from him, and that the content owner will have to 'pay' him. Seems pretty unethical to me.

2) The notes on building a training system are lifted right out of 'Technical Analysis for Dummies' by Barbara Rockefeller. Approx 2000 words of plagiarism.

I then did a quick google search of entire paragraphs from their notes and found instances where they originate from free websites such as investopedia, deltastock and tititudorancea, to name a few. It's ridiculous to pay 1495 USD for a course and discover that so much of the materials can be available free or are plagiarized.

Did I mention how outdated the notes are? For example it still says Bernanke is the Fed Chair. Even the notes on their own (I assume) proprietary trading methods require extensive markups to make them up to date. With such a lack of quality in material, do you still believe their ad which claims they offer the 'very best in support and training'?

Secondly, the delivery of the lessons leaves a lot to be desired. Lessons are conducted on skype, which is fine. Skype has great features like voice calling, screen sharing etc, but none of those features is used. Going through charts together can be quite a pain. When I first spoke to the trainer, he told me he had problems with his mic. Two months later, at the end of the course, it was still MSN-style chat.

The timing of the lessons can be highly erratic too. One week I had no lessons, another week I had 11 hours of lessons. And be sure you keep track of everything he promises to cover at the start of the course, because for my case he totally forgot about the topics on building a trading system and part of their risk management scheme, until I reminded him towards the end of the last lesson.

My third gripe with this company is their lack of support when the demo month starts. As required, account statements were sent to the trainer every friday. When did the first feedback arrive? 1 month and 14 days after the start of the demo month. Enough said. Moreover, the trainer claims there is 'no way' to lose money if you follow his rules. This is strange, because anyone with a modicum of trading knowledge will know that trading always entails uncertainty. Even their contract agreement says 'the past performance of these systems and concepts may yield different results in the future'. So how on earth is 'no way' possible?

And lastly, to all the Singaporeans out there thinking of whether to go for this course, the trainer told me he was planing to open an office in Singapore, at Robinson road, and that if you pass the course you qualify to be become an office trader for them. I am in contact with MAS and ACRA now in an effort to verify this claim. I suggest you do the same.
Muscat, Oman,
Feb 5, 2015,

AKFinancials is the best forex educational company. They showed me how to manage my risk, trade only when there is a clear trend, how to hedge my positions, Price action ( candlestick patterns). At the current moment i work for them as remote trader and i am very happy with their support, They provide me the capital and 24/7 support. Thanks AK
Singapore, Singapore,
Jun 20, 2013,

Ever since I joined AKFinancial 's training programmes, I had gained a lot of knowledge on both fundamental and technical analysis. The methodology and the trading approach is systematic and easy to understand. I highly recommend novice trader to join this training programmes and be coach by real profitable trader :)
Singapore, Singapore,
Mar 17, 2013,

Hi, so no one has ever being offered an employment with AK FInancials LTD?
Valentijn Kuyt,
Den Haag, Netherlands,
Feb 12, 2013,

AKFinancials course will take you from the beginning to the end for understanding of what forex market means. It will help you to understand price action, psychology of the market, intermarket analysis , indicators (how to use them).
I really recommend this coaching.
Rich Zea Grayeb,
Xalapa, Mexico,
Feb 4, 2013,

AK Financials has a great training program, but specially good is the fact that you have ono-on-one coaching, and trade real time with your mentor. the training covers from forex history to several trading techniques, use of indicators, money management, as so on...the works! I´ve improved a lot since this program. I strongly recommend you to take it, if you´re seriuos about becoming a succesful trader.
Jurgen Fabian,
Vienna, Austria,
Nov 15, 2012,

I have been with them for 3 months and I have learn a lot about the markets, intermarket analysis, risk management, trading methods, how to build a trading system etc.
The course is very simple to understand and you can become a profitable trader ONLY if you follow the rules.
, Singapore,
Mar 17, 2012,

I have attended the course, and the I would not recommend this to anyone. Pros and cons as follow:

1. Teaches trading psychology.
2. Teaches 1 more popular in-house trading method. The BB and price action

1. Badly prepared lecture materials. Not very readable. Alot of free materials available online free-of-charge
2. Alot of example given are in retrospect. In other words, the system only work on paper. No quant data to backup
3. Trainer does not have good finance knowledge. Avoid questions when he cannot answer the question
4. Lecture conduct over skype but no video conferencing. So only MSN style. Not very efficient especially when showing charts.
5. The trainer do not have good understanding of the material. Alot of false info especially on ichimoku

Do not throw away your hard earn money. The info teaches are available elsewhere for free
Michael Yeh,
Singapore, Singapore,
Feb 1, 2012,

To begin with, I am new to trading and a recent graduate. My fascination with the markets began in my final University year and from then onwards I decided to pursue trading as my career. Totally oblivious to methods of trading, I bummed around on the internet, asked friends and read books, all in seek to gain valuable trading knowledge.

I learnt many indicators through the web and traded on the simulator by mixing the various methods I acquired but something was lacking. It was someone who could provide advice, correct and be critical on mistakes made as well as provide guidance to start out even as a new trader. Someone who possess both patience and quality experience. Those of which I was lucky to find when I took up the AKFinancials course. Not only did I gain a good mentor but a friend and also many more which I met during my journey to acquire trading knowledge.

As a new trader starting out in the challenging world of financial markets, the guidance and knowledge I gained upon completion of the course ranged from knowing the different types of trade orders, interpretation of the different types of information/data releases, to the psychological aspects encountered during/before and after trading.

During the course, you not only learn various setups, receive books to tackle the psychology aspect of trading but also the support you will receive from your mentor is phenomenal. Asking questions can be the bane of many but here in the course with AKFinancials, you are encouraged. No matter how silly you think the question may be, it is always greeted with patience and answered as it should.

My journey with AKFinancials was a pleasant and enjoyable one nevertheless. Not only did I gained valuable experience and knowledge but ultimately what I brought home were friends I made and the never ending guidance I received from my mentor and AKFinancials's trader. Even during my down time where I faced my first psychological downfall from trading, I was met with good advice and solid backing to rise up again.

In all, this course was worth every penny. The constant struggle for more knowledge continues but a good stepping stone is important as well for the rather audacious journey ahead in the world of trading. That stepping stone, I am glad was from AKFinancials.
Elias Osman,
Oct 26, 2011,

I started out learning the forex system on my own and as many of you know this journey is a roller coaster ride. Impatiently, I decided to buy a bot that enters trades for me so atleast I can learn from that. This was a huge waste of money, all the commercial bots no matter how profitable they tell you they are, are nothing but crap in my opinion. (want to prove me wrong? Send me a bot and ill test it) Anyway, this brings me to the main point that the best education you can get is from traders who can mentor you. This educational alone is priceless because you can read as many books as you want, but we all know there is a difference between just learning something and applying it. Mentorship helps to build the bridge between theory and practical. It helps you apply the stuff you learn. Simply, this is what Ak financial does, its a 4 month program designed to teach you about the forex markets. This is why I highly recommend Ak financials because if you got what it takes not only will they teach you the ropes but you can potentially trade for Ak. This is great stuff!
Oana Juncu,
Dec 23, 2010,

I've started trading on FOREX 6 months ago with one of the biggest brokers in USA (they say), very enthusiastic and confident that I will learn how to make money in the most liquid financila industry. But unfortunately as big as the broker is, the bigger my dissapointment was. They tempted me with low commissions, but the education and preparation for real trading were 0! Few online seminars presenting only the basics, few transactions on demo and then you are on your own!
I've been through same situation like 99,99% of the traders, first months a lucky novice, fearless, unknowing in fact what exactly was going on, winning trades after trades. But the more I was trading, the more difficult began to be. In another month I lost all my profit and half of my investment. I took a brake to evaluate what to do next. I started reading more, observing the markets, and realized I knew nothing, that it is a complex work, which needs real preparation, personal and professional.
Surfing the net looking for answers, i was lucky to find a smaller company, but with years of tradinf experience. Akfinancials has invested time and knowledge in me, and rised the hope inside me. They gave me the real education, although that meant reading and understanding hundreds of pages of books, and a lot of trading practice on demo.
And not only that, they paid me to trade their capital. And all was worth it! Everything I've read on those materials, exercised on demo, then put in real practice on the real trading, showed rewards, for me and for them.
I strongly recommned akfinancials for success!
Peter Webber,
Sep 16, 2010,

This is a great course. They have about 5 strategies (trend-following).Their systems are easy to understand and if someone simply follows the rules, he/she will make consistant profits.
I would recommend akfinancials training to anyone who wants to learn how to trade professionally.

AKFinancials LTD,
Jul 9, 2010,

AKFinancials LTD is a global electronic trading and educational firm catering to international remote traders. AKfinancials LTD trades forex and futures .
AKfinancials LTD offers a comprehensive 4 month online training program for forex and futures traders. The training program bridges the gap between seminar theory and real trading results with an emphasis on developing the trader's mental framework and trend-following techniques. The comprehensive course covers fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology, and shows traders how to develop a trading plan under the mentorship of experienced traders.
The goal of AKfinancials LTD is to help you develop into a professional and profitable forex / futures trader through our course and mentoring.