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2.424 · 36 REVIEWS
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Florida, USA,
Jan 15, 2016,

I worked for Winner's Edge for far too long and these comments are correct. It is a scam.

I recently quit and neither Nathan or Casey had a single thing to say directly to me. (This being extremely indicative of my entire time there)

Then, I got terrible backlash for quitting in the form of a review that could potentially hinder my future jobs (fortunately I already had a full-time job and was staying at Winner's Edge as a favor to them).

What I thought was rich (the only thing rich about these winners) is when they stated that "when making decisions for the business, Shelby was routinely uncooperative without being able to articulate why she felt that way."

It was always easy for me to articulate why I felt what I did. (The customers all would agree- I never had a communication problem with anyone outside of these boys.) The problem was that I never could get through to Nathan or Casey- I often had to repeat myself several times, saying the same thing in different ways until something stuck.

Even upon quitting, Nathan didn't understand.
He thought it was a joke. (also indicative)

The only thing I was ever "uncooperative" about is the fact that they run their business in an incredibly shady fashion. I was usually on the customer's side when they asked for a refund (because it was well-deserved).

I am a firm believer that your customers should be happy to give you their money, not forced into it by a quick order form with a sketchy refund policy that you don't even technically "agree" to because there is no mention of it on the order form or anywhere on the sales page.

Several times I told them that they need to be more transparent with their customers- but I was told that "they didn't see the use" in putting their Terms & Conditions where people could access them easily.

I guess that was another time I wasn't "articulating" correctly.

I never did get a straight answer as to what exactly people are paying $4,000 for for the mentoring programs. Nathan tried to explain but, for lack of a more creative phrase, it wasn't articulated well.

Chances are you won't get your money back on any program, even if it's a "rock-solid, money-back guarantee".

I apologize to everyone who has gotten stuck at Winners Edge.
I will no longer be your point of contact, so run.
Erick Anaya,
Toronto, Canada,
Sep 18, 2015,

Ok this is my most sincere review of the Winneredge trading copier service, IT IS CRAP STAY AWAY. Back in May 2015 I joined this service and this I order my broker to stop the authorization for them to trade my account I deposited $ 3500 and as of the closing friday september 18 2015 my account has lost 60% please do your own trading invest in education and dont let anyone trade your account this services are all cr**
albany, Australia,
Sep 17, 2015,

Cassie Stubbs SCAM SCAM SCAM shame on you and I wonder where you are hiding and under which rock?
New traders beware of positive reviews and listen to the rest of us who have been scammed by this outfit .I don't want to see innocent people being scammed by these clowns and don't let them bully you on refunds claims. Take it straight to Pay Pal resolution and don't waist your time with emails to these clowns. They will string you along making you believe they are working hard to get your refund and at the end you get nothing from them but Pay Pal will look after you
Good trading everyone
Colorado, USA,
Sep 10, 2015,

I have been with Winners Edge trading now for about three weeks. I have 6 winning trades and two losers. There have been many more trades recommended but I didn't trade them for one reason or another. Bottom line is I am very happy with the guidance they give and I will happily continue on with them. FOREX isn't the easiest to navigate, so to have someone to follow and learn from for a modest price is very refreshing to see. I love it!!!
Ron Garland,
Texas, USA,
Aug 29, 2015,

Purchased Signal Service $297, subscription renewed in Paypal, When I noticed it after 3 days I canceled the subscription in Paypal, then my access was removed. Email Nathan asking why, he said because I canceled my subscription I just paid. He refused to give me a refund and dragged it out for months, even tried to bully me to take 50%. Luck for me, the Resolution Center agreed with me and refunded my money.
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand,
Aug 27, 2015,

I have given our friends over at winners edge a task to complete that if my break & go tools don't expire after 30 days which falls on about the 19th of September 2015 I will be posting up here. What that means is they have been telling people they have to pay $27 a month in order for those indicators to work wel lets see guys, I wont hold my breath on this 1 lol

2015-08-21 4Star Dam I cant speak for everyones experience here with winners edge trading
You even got a bad review from my country new Zealand WOW
Maybe its just me but I can see the potential. I am sharing my experience of what I have achieved with winners edge. I signed up 4 days ago and have placed some trades off of the continuation strategy and have closed my first trade for 60 pips profit. I checked my mt4 today and see I have now closed 110 pips profit with 55pips in profit still open over this weekend. I have been trading forex for 6yrs now & I have had some great teachers. I know that what I got for $27 alone for the continuation tools is worth 100 fold what I paid for it. It maybe just me but I aint going to down Cassey or winners edge for all these bad comments as I know 90+% of people fail at trading. As for the refunds I cant speak for that or the loses you have incurred over the trade copier service maybe that needs further investigating HOWEVER I am using 1 indicator to help me see the entry points better but that doesn't mean I or anyone else needs to use it. I can tell you with the trend indicator & level indicator alone anyone can have great success.
Here is how I use the tool. I look at the 4hr and find the trend then place a trend line & match up atleast 2 points then I look for entries down on 1hr 30m & 15m and enter when trend line along with important levels are hit just this alone is enough to set anyone up. Again I cant speak for anyone else but for now for myself is I am happy with Cassey Stubbs & winners edge trading for offering this tool.
Alberta, Canada,
Aug 13, 2015,

Paid $3990 for their training a copy trading account with 10K, account went up and down between -/+ 10% for 4 months. I figure I give them a chance and paid extra $500 to continue trading the account for 1 year only took 3 months to go from $11000 DOWN to $4500 and finally I took control for my account...I offer them lessons on trading. Stay away from this SCAM.
Hilden, Germany,
Jul 29, 2015,

I had purchased their "Strike Trader" on 23rd August 2014 and had payed 3997,00 USD with Paypal. Winner's Edge Trading gave a 100% money back guarantee after 6 months using "Strike Trader". Because the performance of Strike Trader on my demo account was bad, on 23rd February 2015 I contacted Winner's Edge Trading for the first time concerning the refund. I contacted Winner's Edge Trading several times to get my refund. Nathan from Winner's Edge always replied to my emails. On 16th July 2015 I informed Winner's Edge Trading that I will file a case here, if I don`t get my refund for Strike Trader on 27th of July 2015 at the latest. They wrote that they are still dealing with some things before they can authorize refunds. I`m waiting to get my refund for more than 5 months now. They should have been able to solve all problems to process my refund within 5 months. For me there is no valid excuse that it can take more than 5 months to process a refund. I will upgrade my rating to 2 stars as soon as I receive my refund.
Kolkata, India (Really WinnersEdgeTrading's offices in the USA),
Apr 2, 2015,

use the striketrader for 6 months and made 33 percnt return. very good result for me!

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SABAH, Malaysia,
Feb 27, 2015,

Tried the free trial then before the end of trial, i emailed them to cancel any automatic renewal of subscription. However, they played delay tactic to charge me USD 497 without my consent. When I wrote them to cancel the transaction, they grudgingly complied and refunded my money but then they charge me again on the same day with another USD 497!!!!

Avoid this totally. It's a scam and unethical!