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Trading Strategy Guides creates simple-to-follow trading strategies for traders and also develops online indicators and trading systems.

Since launching this business, Trading Strategy Guides has helped thousands of traders and began generating $50,000 of monthly revenue in less than a year.


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2.443 · 36 REVIEWS
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Alex Cooper,
Regina, Canada,
Feb 26, 2015,

100% scam, also tried the so called free trial, cancelled buy E-mail before the 30 day trial was up. Still got charged $ 630.00 cad. Phone number always ring busy, got my credit card co. to reverse the charge, avoid them at all cost.
Wayne Skerritt,
Ottawa, Canada,
Jan 28, 2015,

I signed to try their trading signals service for 30 days. It cost $1.00.

I never received any signals at all for the first two weeks, then only intermittently after that. A majority of those signal would have produced major losses according to their own information. Then, after the 30 day trial ended, they dinged me for $497 for another 6-months of signals without my written consent. I have not received ANY email trading alerts since January 6th. Now, when I try to resolve this using the telephone number still on the website, that number is 'no longer in service'. I believe this outfit to be a scam group
Mike Harwood,
California, USA,
Jan 19, 2015,

I left an unfavorable review (1 star) on October 31, 2014. In all fairness, I must upgrade it to 2 stars, because I finally received my full refund in late November. I no longer question their ethics, only their performance on this particular product.

2014-10-31 1Star Investment Copier lost 40% of my account in less than a year. After I did all they asked in order to get my refund, they have still not sent my refund, responding to my emails by continually saying that there are unforeseen delays. Three weeks ago they said the check is ready and that I should just confirm my mailing address, which I did, but (surprise!) still no check. And they've stopped responding to my emails. Very unethical. They're still advertising new programs, trying to hook in more suckers to scam.
Phoebe Ejimbe,
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 18, 2015,

Known WinnersEdgeTrading for 2 years. Very committed to helping traders grow.
, USA,
Dec 17, 2014,

Strike trader is up about 35% for me in the last 3 months. Best product I ever purchased

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Paul Stevenson,
, New Zealand,
Dec 16, 2014,

I remember this bunch of scamming clowns from years ago. Cassey Stubbs or whatever the clowns name is can not ever trade 10 yrs ago, and still can't . You would think after 10 yrs of trading he would have some trading success, well he doesn't, PERIOD. They sell cheap indicators to go with trading methods that DON"T work. These people are just another FX scam basically.

Vincent G,
Miami, FL, USA,
Nov 6, 2014,

I would give this 0 stars if I could. I have purchased two products from these people and neither one performed how they advertised in the webinar. Their latest program is a total joke. I asked for a refund and they said I had to try it out for 6 months. I did contact my credit card company to try to get a dispute going since those have to be done within 2 months. Im pretty confident they told me 6 months because they know my credit card company will only process disputes within 60 days of transaction date. At any rate, stay away from this company. They seem to only care about making money with junk products and do not care if people lose money with their programs/software.
Mike N,
Ontario, Canada,
Aug 23, 2014,

Another joke of an outfit trying to sell a software system that does not work at all. Do not waste your time and money. They know it is just ridiculous yet they act all is above board.
Billy Brown,
Tennessee, USA,
Jun 17, 2014,

I purchased the automated trading program which carried a guarantee that you would make money or your subscription fees would be refunded after one year. I have been waiting over 6 months for the refund. They claimed they were going to be sending out the refunds but it would take some time. Now I never hear from them. It appears this was a well planned scam.
Michelle Poll,
May 20, 2014,

WinnersEdgeTrading with Casey Stubbs. 50% Losses. I and two others subscribed to their QTT trading program. They guaranteed the 1st month and that was fine. The next 11 months were loss after loss. In the end we each lost over 50% of our original investment. We wrote so many times and each time were advised that they were working on improving their performance and each month the performance was worse than the previous month. Asked many times to speak with Casey Stubbs. Repy was he was too busy. Nathan is the only contact we have dealt with and he tries hard, but he also admitted that they did not live up to their own expectations. Very disappointed with them.