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4.517 · 33 REVIEWS
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Peter jones,
Dundalk, Ireland,
Feb 14, 2013,

I recently rejoined this service as I have been watching the market for a while on my own and have just no success...but since rejoining, I'm back making's great to have trades sent so I can then look at and learn why..and then follow if I agree. Like all signal sites, they dont get it right every time but they do well IMHO and I'm happy
andy wilde,
manchester uk, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2013,

terrible results, that bad, the main guy martin handed the reigns over to someone else in the skype group... complete waste of money and loss of trading capital..
Reply by Martin submitted Jan 4, 2013:
Thanks for the review, but seems you have not been following the signals the past 6 weeks. They have all been winning weeks apart from 1 and this week we are close to +10% profit alone. I presume you are talking about the poor October we had which was poor but that has all changed and the service is back giving good reliable signals and profits again...thanks
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 18, 2012,

I have to agree with Mark, hopefully you will not think we are competitors posting to rubbish the room. I am posting because like Mark I have found this service to be the exact opposite of what is claimed here. The service may have been good at one time but now it is very poor. I was dubious when I saw that the results on the website were not being updated recently but I went ahead anyway. It is basically one person Martin, nothing wrong with that, his signals have been very poor quality since I have been in attendance, almost all losers or breakeven. I think in 3 weeks one signal gained 20 pips on EU, the rest losers or breakeven. First two weeks he was either ill or travelling or both not sure, therefore in my opinion should not have taken on new memberships as he could not provide a service but putting that aside week three I have not seen any improvement. Fellow people in the skype group seem to say this has been going on for a while and some even say past results are false i,m not sure on that . Nobody in the room seems to be a long term member only one guy came forward as 3 months member but he too was cancelling. I know people have to find out for themselves so if you doubt me go ahead but certainly in my brief time in the room I have seen enough to not renew my subscription.
Reply by Martin submitted Oct 20, 2012:
Hi Thanks for the comments. I have answered some below but will reply to some of the comments above which I fell are inaccurate: 1. The service is not just Martin. There is 3 main people involved in the service with the addition of one more last week and a number of traders worldwide who provide signals. So although you probably only see 2 of them in the skype group there is more behind the scenes working on the website and finance etc 2. Martin was ill for 2-3 days (not 2 weeks) which was unfortunate and thankfully if this happens now then the new trader will step in but we did provide all clients with 1 free week to make up for the 2-3 lost days. As for the travelling thing, not quite sure what you're talking about there, Martin has not travelled anywhere in months and I think you are very mistake there and inaccurate 3.As I stated below, 10-15 of the 30 people who have posted here in FPA in the last 12 months are still subscribing and in the group. You find that the longer people stay in the skype group the less they use it as new people come in and chat a lot and a lot of the older members stay away from it now and just use the 4X PIPS SIGNALS ONLY group where only signals are posted. 4. Past results are all genuine (which is why we have almost all 5stars rating on here) and posted on the site and we try and update them every 2-3 weeks on the site, you can see all Sept results on the site now. And were sorry to hear your not continuing but wish you the best with your trading but we're confident the last 2-3 weeks has been a one off and we will continue with our usual profits into end 2012 and start 2013 Thanks
big city, China,
Oct 18, 2012,

I've joined for 2 weeks now, so far pretty much only bad trades. The admin (Martin) is completely unorganized, even forwarding members' trade ideas, making this whole thing seem somewhat like an elaborate scheme. I would like to see the user statistics for the members who left all the great reviews bellow. I get the feeling they all might be one-time posters only. He offers 2 services, but both receive the same signals. Nothing like as advertised, instead of 3 signals a day, there is maybe one. This might be a good thing however since they are 80% losers. Other members on the skype group who have been there 3 months, say it's performance is a lie and of the last three months, only one was profitable by 65 pips. I think this should probably be put in the scam category.

P.S. FPA staff - I think only members should be able to post reviews, this way we know if they are credible or not.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: We are exploring a plan to link the reviews to forums accounts while still permitting non-member reviews. If this is implemented, member reviews will be given more weight in determining the final rating.
Reply by Martin submitted Oct 20, 2012:
Hi Thanks for your comments but I think you are slightly confused about our service and have not been following it properly. I will highlight your errors below and hopefully you can follow us better in the future 1. You say we forward members trades? We now send our new traders signals but we did state that he posted them first in the skype group for a few weeks with great success so he has kindly allowed us to send them now and from this week he has actually joined 4x pips. He has been providing his own signals for months and has full records of 12,000+ Pips made in the past 12 months so will be a big asset for 4X Pips 2. We actually offer 3 services but people do not to use the GOLD & PLATINUM (PLATINUM + IS THE SKYPE GROUP) together a we do say thye are similar type trades. And of course both services will have similar trades so I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say above 3. There are approx 30 people who have posted here with 5stars and if you match the names with the people in the skype group you will see there is still 10-15 of them in the live skype group. Considering some of them posted 12 months ago and are still live in the skype group will show you they are happy to continue their subscription and are making consistent profits 4. Our success rate of signals for 2012 is 80%+ WIN not loss SO thanks for your comments but my feeling is you are getting slightly confused so feel free to email us or skype us direct if there is anything you need help with or need clarifying Thanks
mark austin,
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 18, 2012,

This service is terrible. In good faith, it was proposed by FPA in a well meaning attempt to find extra value for its customers but these guys do not deliver anything like the success the calim. Having been with them for about 5 weeks, I have lost considerably more than I have won. There give out a whole raft of lame excuses but at the end of the day, they have provided 5 weeks of poor signals with no rationale. This service does not provide value and overclaims results. Do not use it or you will lose money. I cannot begin to guess where all these positive reviews have come from. Traders are far better off developing and fine tuning their own strategy and then executing this flawlessly.
Reply by Martin submitted Oct 18, 2012:
Sorry to hear your comments Mark and I would be the first to admit the service has been poorer the past few weeks than over the past few months and years. But overall September was a positive month as you can see on the site. The start of October we have had a poor start but have improved the service again with the addition of a new trader who has been posting in the skype group at first and provided about 500-600 Pips profit in the past 3 weeks and now his signals are being posted to all levels, GOLD, PLATINUM & PLATINUM PLUS. Not quite sure what you mean by lame excuses, we tell people when to move SL or close early and always update or try to be live in skype. We did have our head trader off ill for 2-3 days but everybody was compensated with a free weeks signal for that so maybe that is what you meant Thanks again
Ireland, Ireland,
Aug 16, 2012,

Been using their gold service (which is the cheaper of the two options offered at only €49 a month) for a couple of months now...a pretty phenomenal service in my opinion and I have tried numerous signal services and robots over the last 3 years (many of them highly rated on FPA). I receive an email everyday at roughly 12 noon GMT with one or two pending trades and on average I make 150 - 250 pips a week trading very conservatively (i usually set my limit at 60 and SL at 35 - 40 purely because I dont have time to be monitoring my trades). This service is BY A MILE THE BEST FOREX SERVICE ON THE PLANET and I have had my ass roasted a million times in this business. The site itself is nowhere near as flashy or sensationalist as other forex services. What you see is what you get. They claim very simply that you will make anywhere between 500 and 2500 pips per month following their trades (depending on which service you opt for) and that is EXACTLY what they deliver. Incidentally you get all this for only a fraction of the price of most other signal services out there. Carlsberg don't do forex signal services but if they did...
Kenan Cuma Aslan,
Antalya, Turkey,
Aug 15, 2012,

Hundreds of pips a week is normal, other signal alerts I've trialed can not meet this in a month! No hesitation in recommending this provider. Friendly and reliable team who I will be with for a long time at this rate.... just signed up for a year subscription - which I must say is very competitively priced!!!!
Pavan Uttamchandani,
Las Vegas, USA,
Aug 13, 2012,

I've been with several signal services and this is easily the best. Their customer service is second to none, really friendly guys, which makes a huge difference. 3 trades a day and the signals are always on profit at the end of the week. Also, great follow up about moving SL etc, usually missed by other services! A+
Hua Hin, Thailand,
Aug 12, 2012,

Using this service about 2 months and been impressed overall. I trade Forex full time and was introduced at a seminar in Bangkok few months ago and decided to join. I don't take all the signals but I use them to help my own analysis and to give me assurance over my own trades. The trade ideas they give on top of the daily signals are also very good with the 2 recent ones of EURCHF & EURNOK making me about 300pips. So I would highly recommend this company, results seem to be honest on the site and if you ever have any questions they answer immediately on skype or email. Thanks
Surabaya, Indonesia,
Aug 6, 2012,

I have been with ProfitForTrading for a few months now.. I am still kind of new to the trading game, but have been having great results with these signals. I have found them to be honest and reliable... not making pie in the sky promises like some other signal services. I can say that the trade results posted on their site are a true representation of what you can expect. The other element that makes me want to recommend these PFT is the community aspect. The Skype group is top.. and like the icing on the cake after the signals. Thanks Martin and co. for making such a great service available!!
Max Ardmore, London,
, United Kingdom,
Jul 24, 2012,

Five star rating for sure, very useful site and good service. I was recommend by a friend and i will definitely recommend to my friends.

Many thanks guys
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 24, 2012,

Supportive team with a great and honest service, no gimmicks and great communication. Definitely recommend.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Jun 18, 2012,

Was introduced to Martin in Bangkok recently and joined the service 2 weeks ago. The help and support they have given me for free has been a great help. I am new to trading and just trading a small $1000 account but had some good trades in the 2 weeks and my account is growing slowly. Hope to increase my account size in the coming months as money and time allows but so far so good. Keep up the good work guys
Bangkok, Thailand,
Jun 15, 2012,

Met these guys few weeks ago at a forex meeting in Bangkok and been impressed with the service so far. Honest easy to follow service and this week alone I am up over 250pips in GOLD and AUDUSD alone. Keep it up guys
Italy, Italy,
May 31, 2012,

One the best service I have found. Surely not all the trading are positive but you manage properly your money you are sure to have a positive balance almost every week. They inform you in real time with email and sky. Unfortunately my telephone provider doesn't allow me to get SMS by facebook, so I cannot receive their SMS messages. Vey quick and kind un replying to questions. I would surely reccomend to join their service
manchester, United Kingdom,
May 28, 2012,

Been through many signal providers but no one like this.
Great service provided, tried for one month over 600 pips in profit, can't find anything negative about this company. recommend this service to anyone. Keep the pips rolling.
Marc M,
enghien, Belgium,
May 28, 2012,

Great service, in it for month's and stay in !
Thanks Martin for this !
Hakan M,
Gothenburg, Sweden,
May 28, 2012,

Since I have joined this signal service (2012-01) I don´t hesitate to take the trades that Martin say that we should take, he is often right on when it comes to trading and this is absolutley the best place to be if you want to see your account grow. I have tested other signal services but no ones come close to this one.
keep up the good work.
Fernando Ferreira,
Sao Paulo, Brazil,
May 28, 2012,

I have been in the group for over 3 months and I am really happy and most important very profitable (+2900 pips). Service offers many options to keep us up to date, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and SMS, so it´s really easy to trade their signals even on the go using a Smartphone.
Martin is very professional and always around to help.
I really recommend them to anyone looking for a serious signal provider.
essex, United Kingdom,
May 27, 2012,

this company keep harrasing me and sending me e mail just because I left an honest review about them which they do not like. they were initially begging me to change or cancel my review. Now they are threatening me that they would take action. I just left an honest review about my experience with them.I think it was my right to leave a review and others could benefit ftom it, but they are not leaving me alone. they are acting almost like a criminal gang trying to scare me. I have just e mailed them and told them they should never e mail me and to leave me alone. I hope they listen this time and behave like a normal human being.

2012-05-25 2 StarsI need to respond to his e amil as again he is lying and showing a bad attitude again. after FPA published my honest review. he e mailed me at least 4-5 timed realy begging me to cancel my review. he told me my review costing him about $4000-5000 (I can forward you his emails if you want),after several emails I felt sorry for him and tried to be kind to him. as I could not write a false review or cancel my review without a good reasn, I told him If I join him and see differet attitude I possibly would cancel my review. He taught me a lesson never feel pity for rude and unhelpful people.As you know there are thousand of forex signal provider which are larger more relaible and with lots of other facilities ir tools webinar teaching etc, why should I want to join his small company with no other facilities.

2012-05-21 2Star following my previuos review, aout 15 hours after subscribing eventualy I received an e mail from them and I was happy to try their service. they told me that I would receive sms vis twitter or facebook. they send me a faulty link to faebook which I could not open.I contacted them to help me to set up their sms seervice but not only they were not helpful they were rude to me and treated me as I was dull and stupid. I asked them for help several times but they did nothing apart from sasying that others could do it you should be able too. eventually after few e mails and the fact that I could not set it up I told them that I would write to FPA. they refunded me and told me that FPA would ignore your review as we have refunded you and your are not are customer any longer. their attitude and customer care is not acceptable.

2012-05-18 1Star avoid them.I subsribed to them.they never responded to my e mail or provide me with any service. the are scam. i contacted my credit card to get the money back

Rebuttal: Added by Martin on 2012-05-25 12:45
Thanks for the comments which I have to admit are not an accurate reflection of events at all. Its disappointing when you have people threaten your good rating on FPA just because they were in the wrong and they were the people being rude but unfortunately there is not much we can do about it! Also, if you look down through all the other reviews you will see how we keep getting praised for our honesty and personal service.

The guy above from the start was rude to me and my admin team.
We sent him nice personal emails with simple instructions but he would come back with rude ignorant comments. Therefore we decided to refund him immediately as we don't want such a negative rude person in our group. He got his money back within a few hours by Paypal and did not have to contact PP for it, even then he was still asking to stay but we refused

With regards his comments, he got a simple easy to follow welcome email when he joined with working links (we checked them ourselves and got clients worldwide to recheck them) and when he had some problems he emailed me and I replied quickly to him, 10 emails from my side later and he was still complaining and moaning.

I told him there was no point in posting in FPA as he was never actually our client or got any of our signals, skype support or used any of our service but with his negative attitude he decided to comment. Thankfully I expect people will ignore him as a one off. If anybody does want to see the emails he sent me then please feel free to email us through the website

For people who need help we do offer email and skype support, we also offer SMS, Twitter and Facebook. WE get people set up asap but it can take a little while sometimes with all the services such as SMS, Twitter, FB, Skype and email we provide. Also as it was a Friday night and there was no new signals that week I was happy to set him up over the weekend to be live Monday morning but he was not happy with that either. This guy also claimed that twitter and skype were not good and not common, but over 90% of our clients use them so I am not sure what he meant by that

He has since since sent me this email "I only could withdraw my review if I join your service for a month and see a change in your customer service" so he is still trying to get back with us but after the rude messages and poor attitude we as a company cannot allow him.

I hope one persons poor attitude wont affect peoples ideas about us, feel free to come chat to us on email or skype if you have any questions though or subscribe through the website. This week so far has been good with 100% winning trades and 300+ Pips so far

Thanks all

Reply by Martin submitted May 27, 2012:
I think him making further comments even though he never used us shows what sort of peron this guy is. I really don't want to comment any further, I think with majority of 5star rating show we are a excellent and helpful service. As I said before I hope one rude ignorant person does not spoil it for others. Any questions please email me through the website. Apologies all for this persons inaccurate comments Martin
Dublin, Ireland,
Apr 29, 2012,

Great service, I trade mainly commodities and in 6 weeks I have been with them every single gold or oil signal has given profit, thanks again guys
, Singapore,
Apr 24, 2012,

This signal company is the best ....after using for one month i got only one SL hit out of many was amazing through facebook.....The best thing is Martin always give update on the open trades in regular interval which gives confidence the traders...and in the end winning and loosing always part of forex trading...i am again going to subscribe for next month...
Adeyemi O. Emmanuel,
Bayelsa, Nigeria,
Apr 16, 2012,

I have been using the FX trade alerts from 4X Pips and to be truthful and straight with you all, it is the best i ever had. Growing your FX Account with confidence. Learning with all trade setup, trying to mimic the thought and decision that brought about the trades setup, thereby increase in knowledge.
4XPips are friendly and always having you in mind as a KING. (4X Pips)
A new height in the FX MARKET..........
Donegal, Ireland,
Mar 10, 2012,

Found this company a few weeks ago and as I am fairly new to forex I decided to join. They advised me on money management and risk, which broker was best to use and how to best use their signals and trade, they also gave me free help on skype unlike others i have seen who tried to charge me 25euro for 30mins help. In the 3 weeks I have been with them I have made about 500pips, i know it could have been more but I have closed some trades earlier as I was happy with my profit. I like to use the skype group they have and have got some good free stuff like currency strength meters in there. So I have no hesitation in giving them 5 stars, they are honest, results reporting are genuine (winners and losers reported) and they are always willing to give their time to help for free, so excellent work guys and hope for lots more pips in coming weeks and months
, Malaysia,
Mar 8, 2012,

This is my second week. Overall good.
Just one to complain that I did not received by twitter or facebook sms order to change SL for EURGBP from 0.8390 to 0.8415. Martin said has sent message to everyone. When I check, the message only sent in Skype group. If signal modified, it should sent using formal channel as Skype can get confusing because too many posting. So my trade hit SL. Lucky I just demo trade just for testing the signal. Hope situation like this not happen next time.
Reply by Martin submitted Mar 12, 2012:
Thanks for the comments. I was unaware of this until I saw the review above and having reviewed your comment you are correct that the update was not sent by SMS or Twitter but it was sent in live skype group, by Email and posted in live Facebook group and was sent 1-2 hour before it hit the old SL. I can confirm this is a 1 off and will ensure this does not happen again. But we do advise all clients to use all our options of email/SMS/Twitter and skype/facebook too so they do not miss any updates. We provide all 5 message options at no extra cost so clients can benefit from them all Thanks Martin