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3.293 · 32 REVIEWS
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3.293 · 32 REVIEWS
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Boston, USA,
Nov 9, 2012,

I also subscribed to the service through the FPA special and the hype of outstanding pips gained per month. I have been thoroughly disappointed. First, I have to take some responsibility that I did not understand that several markets which they cover are not markets which I trade. It was not clear that HKD, SDK, gold, and oil (even DAX) makes up a large part of their trades. Not trading these markets would automatically reduce the top line pips generated. But based on my losses following their trade recommendations in the markets that I do trade, perhaps I should be pleased that I'm not trading more based on their signals.

I endured the illness and changeover of their signal originator, but at least he returned my 2 emails. After the change, I have sent about a half dozen emails and received ZERO responses. 1 star for terrible for 4xPips, 1 star for terrible for FPA on this one.
, USA,
Sep 28, 2012,

Martin has agreed to let us know in the future when the head trader steps out (tha's good news) and an ebook or information in some format is on it's way pertaining to how to trade the signals.

I will review the signal calls for a mth. (unless they are absolutely horrible, then I may not continue to use them for a full mth.) and then update my review.

2012-09-28 2Star I am just getting started with the service, but so far I give it 2 stars. Before I signed up, I asked about the past 2 weeks performance (because according to donnaforex, someone said the performance hasn't been good). Well, whoever handled my email that day assured me that the past 2 wks has been the same as other weeks stating in the 200-300 pip range.

Well, this morning I receive an email stating that the last 3 weeks have been negative. This is something I would have liked to know before I signed up. The email also stated that this is due to the main trader being out sick. I feel that this is also something that subscribers should know. Especially, since some are trading their live accounts...it would be nice to know when the main trader steps out sick (before another trader steps in).

We have been told that the main trader will return next week, so we'll see how that goes. My main issues have been these with communication and also asking 2 questions to support that completely went unanswered, but I will say that my other questions have been answered.

It would also be nice if there was a little more advice on how to trade the signals. If the ebook explains this, then fine but something else for now since the ebook is not ready...for those of us new to the service. For example: in the email today it stated that a specific trade moved up 30 pips and that he hopes we took some profit. Well, is this a recommendation? Because being new to the service I had no way of knowing this and my trade is still open and in the negative. There was no update to move stop, in this case anyway, but I did see other updates to move a stop for another trade.

I have paid and will continue to use the service on demo for at least the mth. I paid for. Hopefully, these issues with communication change or something more is explained to me on why they happened in the first place and I will be more than happy to update my review with specific explanations at to way.

Have a good day!
J H,
, Korea, Republic of,
Sep 11, 2012,

I have not traded this service’s signals, but I did request to see evidence of their ‘proven track record’ The results on their website are just snapshots of a few days from an mt4 account, and a zulutrade.com performance record. Since they had used zulutrade to track trading performance, I asked if they had a link to their zulutrade performance record which could easily show published statistical performance over the last few months, and add credibility their claims. Not surprisingly, I didn’t hear back from them.
There are a number of websites that offer individuals, money managers, signal providers etc the chance to publish their trading performance and have their performance verified through a third party network. There’s no excuse these days why any signal provider offering paid service cannot show a published account of their trading activity. Simply stating thousands of pips gained per month on a website isn’t going to cut it, and written reviews don’t offer much credibility, as they can easily be faked through global marketing networks.
Although nothing is 100% guaranteed, as even published trading performance can come through crooked, unregulated brokers that manipulate account activity. Be careful folks. Just a few things to keep in mind.
Reply by 4xpips submitted Sep 18, 2012:
We can only apologise for this communication breakdown. We attempt to email everyone who contacts us, there are sometimes problems and we get bounce backs if the email address was entered incorrectly in the contact form or the mail server rejects our email, which seems to happen repeatedly with naver.com email addresses. It is worth checking your junk mail filters too. If you would like to contact us please try again from a different email address or via Facebook to avoid this problem. We have been working hard to keep up with demands from our clients so it is a bit of a blow to us to receive such feedback that is not actually based on our signals or service. We are never anything but honest and our reviews on FPA on both 4x Pips and Profit From Trading show this. We have been around a while and already stood the test of time - I think it is obvious that if you are in the business of making bogus claims you wont last like we have. We are currently working on improving our service and have many upgrades in the next few months, including: A full ticketed help desk system - to ensure all enquiries will get answered in a timely fashion and that none will get lost in junk mail filters or anything like that. A trade copier service - this should launch around the 1st of October in response to a high demand for this. Third party verification - when trade copier goes live we will also have our trading account verified by a third party for all to see. We realise this is very important for a lot of people who are unsure about joining 4x Pips and in response we are working to get this in place. I hope that my answers have been satisfactory and if you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to come back to us via facebook or the contact form on our website.
BKK, Thailand,
Feb 12, 2013,

I subscribed for a month wanting to trial the service, but due to a technical problem on their part I could only access the service for 1 day. I contacted them and although the initial response was a bit slow, they refunded me and gave me a complimentary 14 day trial. Great guys! I found the service good and easy to follow. While it was profitable and performed well in the time I used it, the monthly subscription is too expensive considering my relatively small trading account size. I will consider them again when I have more funds to trade with.
ym leong,
singapore, Singapore,
Jan 14, 2013,

I have searched for 4xpips in myfxbook and I got 4xpipsnet but there were no results. Am I missing something? Pls post your link on your web site, so that is easier to check there

BTW: I requested for an ebook by signing on the free ebook form in Oct2012. By mid Nov2012 I was told that this ebook would be delayed as it is under "proof reading".

Recently I posted again to ask for the ebook and the excuse was "The person responsible was sick and recovering". Ended up this ebook will be cancelled. When I visited your site again this morning (since you posted that myfxbook link is posting your results, I went to the site to find the link), and the auto pop-up for the free ebook is again there!

If you are not ready to distribute ebook, please take this pop out OFF! Its irritating and it gives people like me a bad image of how you run your organisation.

You may have stellar results BUT people judge you on the fact that you cant even fulfil a simple ebook request and took more than 3 months, various excuses for it

As I have commented before, you need to seriously improved your services. On the subject of Twitter/SMS, I have just re-checked this morning (you are welcome to go to the site to verify my claim), Singapore is NOT supported for Twitter/Sms. According to Twitter if the short code for that country is not available then use the long code. But long code is only for SENDING and cannot receive any SMS. So I am totally lost why you say its working in Singapore. Maybe I am mistaken, if so, please give me the link or guide as to how to setup this service. I can only comment that I check this via Twitter website 4x!

2013-01-10 No Rating I am not one of their customers and VERY glad that it didnt happen. I was evaluating them for 1 month, their site mentioned published results every month "automatically". I ask for Oct2012 results, till mid Nov2012 nothing. When I logged into facebook, realised that so many ppl had written to ask for posting of performance. Weird that there is ALWAYS one excuse or another and what do u know, come start of Dec, and Nov results? Again MIA.

I corresponded with them rgds trade copier as NOBODY will want to keep reading emails just to trade. They say working on it and out by Oct2012. Mid Nov, leave message at their facebook page, they replied cancelled trade copier. Had they heard abt MT4i Trade Copier which is FREE download? It may not be fants, but its workable.

They had so MANY subscribers (some even resubscribed) yet cant source for a good trade copier which even scam trade signals providers are using. Whats really their problem?

They kept posting results on their web, yet still cant get the time to get their MT4 results posted via MyFxLink. FYI, 4xPips the latest version of MT4, build 451 also INCLUDES publishing tab which allows you to easily specify and config it to post. If u dont even have the time to even try this or config this then please stop treating us like idiots.

I sent them emails via their contact page and guess what? They DO seem to have a lot of issues with anything electronic or electronic related (which includes timely updates of results on their page, sourcing for a trade copier, posting to MyFxbook, the list goes on). YA, nobody bothers to read posted queries on their contact page. Although to do them credit, they answer facebook messages. It looks like its kinda of a ONE man show, thus I cant expect that this guy answers facebook postings, answers his contact postings, post results, source of trade copier, find out by reading abt 10-15mins how to config MT4 publish tab etc etc.

Unless ppl are really that spiteful, its really very strange why 4xpips representative himself admitted on Donna Forex that sept2012 has some loses, yet if you go to their site, its in fact stellar performance records as always.

The site provides twitter/SMS, and unfortunately Singapore cant configure twitter for SMS. I sent 4xpips a message rgds this, no reply, could not be bother. Sent me a link to twitter to config the SMS. I replied by sending back the list of countries SUPPORTED by twitter for SMS services and Singapore is definitely NOT listed there.

They cant find time to post results to myfxbook, cant find a good trade copier, cant find time to learn to config MT4 to publish results, cant find time to engage a SMS service provider to provide SMS (FYI, I subscribed to Barclays signals, and they CAN sent their signals via SMS and I have been receiving their signals for past 4-5mths on my mobile), cant find time to answer contact messages, cant find time to update results as they claimed every month (in fact results are tally by week). YA, Dec2012 results are not updated and Houston we are 2nd week in Jan2013

In short, they must as well admit, dude we just cant find time to support new or interested members coz we have so many subscribers blah blah blah, but we sure can find time for EXCUSES!

Comment: Added by 4x Pips on 2013-01-11
You mention you were never a client so are not quite sure what your comments are about. We have clients in Singapore who use our SMS services and we have a verified MYFXBOOK on our websites so we think you are mistaken in that.

Yes we did say we had some losses in Sept/Oct and you can see losing trades in the breakdown from these months on the sites.

We now reply to all emails within 24 hours 7 days a week and respond to client requests immediately through skype during london trading hours which all our clients will now tell you

So I am sorry if you feel you did not get suitable replies but I hope I have addressed some of your issues and thanks for your comments

Reply by 4xpips submitted Jan 15, 2013:
Hi again Ok I am not sure why you are posting again as you are not a client and wont be a client in future so I'm slightly confused. But I will answer your new concerns and hope that will close the matter Myfxbook results are posted on both sites Clients in Sinapore have confirmed they get SMS - Details about our SMS service are provided in the welcome email or when clients email us direct Ebook - I am proof reading almost 40 pages of it now. It is more directed at the new trader and a help guide for clients so it wont be a massive beneffit to you as you are more experienced. So please if you have any more questions please email us direct as it will be quicker than posting here and waiting 2-3 dys for FPA to post the comment/reply. Alternatively add us on skype where you get instant reply during London trading hours Thanks again
, USA,
Oct 21, 2012,

I signed up through FPA special, and immediately had concerns. Other review sites spoke of bad trading performance recently, and I noticed "Martin" had not updated the 4xPips website to reflect recent these results. He was asked by several people several times to update it.

In the 2nd week of Oct he updated only through 3rd week of Sep; why not the 4th week also? Well, apparently that was a week with really bad trading results. So a pattern began emerging here: good results, shout them from the rooftops. Bad results, just don't report those and hope nobody notices. BIG red flag right there.

And as of today (October 21), he STILL has not updated the results to show anything past that 3rd week in September. If there were great trading results to report, I bet he would be shouting it from the rooftops again, and his website would be "updated" immediately.

Then, I discovered that this guy is a liar, plain and simple. How do I know that? A friend of mine also has a subscription here (a higher level). An email I got from 4xPips said a certain trade had never executed, although I was sure it had (the trade was a loser). My friend had been sent an email that showed the exact same trade as having executed and being a loss. So this guy tells me one thing and my friend something else about the same trade call.

Again, this is not my opinion. It is fact and I have all the emails from 4xPips to back up what I'm saying.

Then, we kept getting stories and excuses for why there hadn't been trade calls in days, why nothing has ever been posted to MyFXBook or other 3rd party verification sites, why website not updated etc. Here's a sampling: His "main" trader was sick for 2 weeks. He himself was sick and in the hospital. Tbey were overwhelmed by the response form FPA. Just one excuse after another.

Then look at the FPA reviews. He recently got a swath of negative 1 star reviews. Then within days, he suddenly got a bunch of glowing 5 stars reviews. Is that all just by coincidence? I doubt it. More likely is he asked his buddies to submit good reviews to offset all the negative ones that just came in.

The thing is, this guy might have some nominal trading skill, although I didn't consider it good enough to pay for. But his blatant dishonesty and non-reporting of bad trade results was enough for me to say bye bye.
Sami Alrumaih,
Saihat, Saudi Arabia,
Oct 12, 2012,

I thought this signal provider is extraordinary. From the 4xpips's website and the reviews here I told myself I'll be rich and I am gonna do well. Apparently that was a dream his performance from 10 I will give him 2 out 10 and the 2 recent reviews are totally right that what happened to me. I would not recommend it to any one just today cost me a big lose on Gold, it was BUY GOLD @ 1772 SL 1755 TP 1789 not to mention the previous tickets.
The good thing about him, he manages his signals ;however, his signals are bad most them reach the SL.
Reply by 4xpips submitted Oct 14, 2012:
HI Thanks for the comments. I have to disagree about so many of our signals hitting SL, yes some have but our win % over the past few months is still above 80%. I admit we have had a few poor weeks but prior to that every week was excellent including some weeks with 500+ Pips, 300+ PIps. And we do report genuine results based on our signals, advice and access to some of our traders accounts so we get a snapshot of what our clients profit/loss from the signals. As for thr GOLD signal above we advised using proper money management, you need to adjust your lot size to risk 2% per trade and we do give this advice in our free ebook. Also in the past 2 weeks we have provided over 400 Pips in the live skype room from our other trader who has been posting in there. His signals will now be posted by twitter, SMS, Facebook and Email from tonight and will help our overall pips profit....so lets see how the next 2 weeks go and you will see us return to nice profit. Here is an email from someone using our service for the past 9 months which shows overall the excellent service we provide. "Dear Martin I just wanted to say I don?t think you should beat yourself up for missing a few days! I appreciate what you do for the likes of me and I hope you are getting better. So take it easy and keep up the great work. Kind Regards Jim" And don't forget we are not just a signal service we also provide, Free training Free Help and support Live skype room for chat 24/7 Thanks all, have a great week
J W Ng,
Singapore, Singapore,
Nov 8, 2012,

Awful experience with the service provider. Not only do they not reply emails when the questions strikes their raw nerve, they're always trading against the market. As mentioned by another reviewer, the chance of their signals hitting Stop Losses is uncannily high. I suspect that their priority 5 star reviews are all fake. Wasted hundreds of dollars subscribing to their platinum service. Anyone who is reading this, do not even think of signing up. It'll be better use for the money to be spent on a good meal instead of thrash like this.
Reply by 4xpips submitted Nov 13, 2012:
Dear JW Ng, Sorry to hear about your experience. As we said below the majority of the SL' s are SL AT ENTRY so are not actually losing trades. As for the 5star reviews, as we said in reviews below also, there is still 10-15 people who placed them 5 star reviews in the skype group and they are still clients of the service. As for your final comment well we have lots of happy customers over the past number of years and were sorry you have not found things profitable but the past 1-2 months have been difficult for lots of traders but our service has provided consistent profits for years and will continue to do so Thanks
Marlon Arevalo,
Oct 22, 2012,

This service is flat bad. I hate when some one is not transparent and show not just the winners but also the losers. Please save yourself some money and don't join this service....if you do you will be sorry.

2012-10-05 3 Stars I've been burned before by different signal services and I really believe there is not a perfect service or holy grail like they say so I really apologise if maybe I made 4XPips service looks kind of negative because of my losses. The mayority wins any way and they have more positive reviews than negatives so I hope they keep improving their service for our good and their good also. Thanks 4XPips for clearing out some stuff in the review I left in the main review page.

2012-10-04 3 Stars Hi again, I am updating my past review:

I made the mistake of buying a subscription for 3 months in 4Xpips without knowing that the main trader was about to leave this company. I said in my past review that "I don't know for now of a place better than this to make money with Forex signals" but I think I said that too early. For some reason I had more than 4 losses already only 2 weeks after using this service even that also I had some winners I have not make any money in true. So I updated this review just because I want people to know the true so you will not be making the same mistake as I did,

2012-09-23 5 Stars Guys, I am new into Forex and I thanks God for finding 4X Pips. I really like how they handle the signals. They keep you updated about the trades they send you and are very accurate. I don't know for now of a place better than this to make money with Forex signals. have a good day.

Comment Added by 4x Pips on 2012-10-04
Hi Marlon,
I think there has been some mix-up. The main trader is Martin who deals with sending out the signals and has never left the company as you can chat to him anytime on skype or by email and Facebook. And the other main trader is very much still with the company and has actually gone full time with the company so both main traders are here. This means it allows us now to provide a new tradecopier service and to develop new things such as apps and provide a full skype and email service for clients.

And we now have another trader in the skype group who gave 200Pips+ yesterday alone so we are trying to utilize him more often for all 3 services we provide.
I hope that explains everything and I apologise for any mis-understanding you may have had.
Canada and Italy, USA,
Oct 26, 2012,

I have been trading for over 6 years and I trade as my full time income. A trader I know told me about a service he was looking into and said that their performance is 1000 to 2500 pips a month and asked me what my opinion was. I said that is very impressive and I have yet to see that in this industry so out of pure curiosity I decided to see for myself if in fact these claims stated on the website were actually real. If they they were then I needed to know because this would be the "Holy Grail" of trading if it were true. I registered in August this year and with the subscription of $69 per month one gets access to a live skype chat and 3 signals per day as advertised.

The site is a one man operation who has arrangements with a few traders who are unkown to the members who provide random signals to the administrator who then sms texts them through twitter and emails and facebook. No one knows who these traders are or the rationale behind their trading setups and methods. i would never blindly take someone else's signals I did not know. Did that years ago when I was a newbie and learning. Signal providers should provide information to their subscribers as to the rationale and technical/fundamentals behind the trade, but here at 4xpips that is not the case. All I did was document all the trades's entries, stops and take profits and closes for 3 months. I figured to make an adequate review one would need several weeks to see any patterns of consistency.

The first week I joined was August 6-10. The skype room was quiet. In that week the site did -375 pips loss. The next week I had a conversation with the administrator and he said the site produces 1000 to 2500 pips a month for the past 4 years of business and not one losing month. I noticed the performance on the website not being updated each week and I asked him why. His answer to me in writing was that if he posted that loss then any new potential members would not join the service so he keeps the performance blank until he can accumulate enough positive pip weeks to post after that particular losing week so new members would not get scared off and not join. administration promised there was no manipulation to the performance, however as the weeks continued i noticed discrepancies in the weekly total pips to the site's advantage when it was not in fact the case. There have been more losing weeks the past 3 months than winning ones and very large losses on gold of 150 pips per trade on gold. The risk to reward ratio was way off and not good. more trades hit big stop losses than the pips won on profitable trades. The reporting on this site is definitely not what is advertised nor is the performance the past 3 months so it leads one to ask given these matters discussed thus far that is the performance the past year and more not accurate? Where there is smoke there is fire. many members in the room brought this subject up and he replied he was busy signing up new members and busy with the new site that he has not updated it. The last update for performance was the first week of September and nothing since.The pips total for august is not accurate either. The administrator boasted on Donnaforex reviews site that his site is doing so well that he has over 300 skype members. that is not true. I counted 126 that day. When I joined there were 64 members in there and more people joined when they kept seeing 5 star reviews posted on Forexpeacearmy week after week saying how great the service is when infact those weeks were losing hundreds of pips. I doubt past reviews are legitimate and should not be trusted. Whenever there is a recent negative review in the past week there suddenly appears some 5 star review right after it. i suspect these are fake positive reviews by the site or its friends or IP address manipulation. FPA should verify all reviews from a service by requesting evidence that they are a subscriber. The reviewer just has to email FPA the receipt from the service to FPA for proof and that will end fake reviews.

Review Moderation Team Note: We'd need to hire more moderators to verify receipts. Anyone with one receipt could make altered copies to allow them to post multiple reviews, good or bad. Also, there's nothing to stop a bad broker or other forex company from producing fake receipts to back up reviews.

The only way this would work would be to require all companies to continuously submit updated lists of clients to us. Even that would fail, since a bad company could pad the list with fake customers who would later submit reviews.

Our current review moderation process is not perfect. We constantly strive to improve it. We consider it to be the best one out there.

Also worth mentioning is the administration gives free membership every month to anyone who signs up under his broker referral number to Hotforex Broker. The referring agent 4xpips would make commissions on every trade his subscribers take regardless of profit or loss. That can explain why some people stick around and take trades by chance here and there hoping to beat the odds of getting more winners taken than the losers. I talked to ome subscriber on skype and his subscription ended over a month ago and he is still in the skype group getting the signals. I suspect the more people in the skype gives credence to the members that the service has many active susbscriptions whether real or not i can not say for certain.

I do NOT reccommend this site to anyone. There is pips manipulation reporting. false advertising claims of performance without any 3 rd party authentication and many excuses form the administration. His broker offers a free MyFXbook account to track all the trades but he refuses to do it after many requests from members to prove performance. It is evident why the site does not have a 3rd party authentication because its performance is not what is advertised and not profitable. Just to give you October's pips count:

week 1: -55 pips
week 2: -150 pips
week 3: -505 pips
this past week was +30 pips

Why isn't October being published on the website? perhaps becasue the month of October thus far has been MINUS 680 pips and who would join if one saw that right?
That is misleading and people are signing up for 3 months at a time and then losing their accounts too. This is deceptive advertising and I have to rate this as terrible.

Buyers beware!
Reply by 4xpips submitted Oct 27, 2012:
Dale, At first you seemed like an honest genuine person and we were pleased to have you in our group. Over time you became very negative to our admin and spread lies and negativity in the group. Also before you left the skype group you decided to post untrue stories and false accusations about the admins personal life in the group which was disapointing and showed you up badly to others. And yes we did say we had 300+ clients but I don't believe it was said 300 in the skype group as the skype group has only 120 approx, it was 300+ clients overall. Also as we make excellent profits from news trading and especially NFP (200-300pips in 1 hour in sept) and you claim its not possible to news trade like this (when all our other clients with various brokers were able to easily) then your results would be incorrect but when we tried to tell you this you of course you it was not possible and would not listen to reason! And actually the past week has been profitable for all clients and the new trader TCi takes over the running of all signals and the skype group from Monday so this will improve things and with the help of the other admins then it wont be a 1 man band (even though it has never been a 1 man nband for the past 12-18months) Thanks