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ProfitForexSignals.com Review

Updated: May 23, 2019
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1 · 10 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Nevel Rolle,
Freeport, Bahamas,
Mar 14, 2019,

From the Bahamas. started with 1400. Account Blown in 2 weeks. There's no need to lie.
London, United Kingdom,
May 10, 2018,
Registered user

Fraud victim

Latest victom of profitforex signals.has blown my account and not responding emails.2500 pounds of account and completely gone.never saw such a big fraud in my life .thay don’t know ABC if forex .suggestions wellcome how to deal this matter .
Badajoz, Spain,
Feb 26, 2018,
Registered user

Grwat service and performance 2018

Everything since I started with them has been easy and with a great performance. I started 2 months ago so that is the reason why I do not give them 5 stars, but sure I will give them in the future.
They know what they do!!!
hopewell , USA,
Sep 6, 2016,

total scam

they are a total scam. the trades they took in my account were not the same as they posted. they wiped out a 2000 account in two weeks and continue to charge me. going on three months now at 400 per
Daniel Wayne,
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 6, 2015,

I'm a member my 1st month they scored 1400pips (Feb 2015) they report 2200 (lie), this month its minus -2500pip, I've sent 6 emails, so far all to be ignored. I wish they close lossing trades, there service is rubbish an I'd warn people to now stay away.
Milan, Italy,
Mar 4, 2015,

My experience with this provider is terrible. Signals are delayed and not precise, you cannot expect to do a trade in a safe manner. Also the results they publicize are not true, you simply cannot recreate them from the signals you get. I asked for a refund that didn't come, and they even charged me for another month. Had to block my credit card as they don't reply or tell you to wait an answer from the sales department. A complete disappointment, i feel totally scammed. Do yourself a favor and avoid them.
kuwait, Kuwait,
Mar 2, 2014,

I was scammed, cheated and lied by Profit Forex Signals (TEAM)
I have paid $1000USD for this service alone and I opened account of $3000USD as they recommanded and 0.1 lot
when i taked with thm they told me they will return my money now 4 mounths no money nothing just they keep lying to me
Modena, Italy,
Nov 13, 2013,

Two weeks ago I have subscribed to the alert service by ProfitForexSignals.com

Since then I received 17 alerts and all of them were delayed, so it wasn't possible to get profit from the trade.
The results reported on their website and facebook cannot be recreated using their alerts.

I contacted them twice asking for a refund but got no answers.

It's a scam, be aware of this.
Andres Lorenzo,
Mallorca, Spain,
Apr 4, 2013,

SCAM, beware!

Profit Forex Signals Is a big SCAM!!!
+ The results lie in facebook.
+ The signs are very bad.
+ Arrive late:
When he says: BUY> 100 really you buy at 105
Then he says: EXIT 120. PROFIT= +20
you really close to 115. Just earn 10pips of profit.

PERFORMANCE last months:
FEBRUARY =-255Pips
MARCH = 88Pips

And these results are optimistic, according to his command output (always earn less pips of what he says and lost most of what he says)

In fecebook publishes lies:
Exit order GBP / JPY @ 141.00 P / L: +48 Pips
When really, the signal was contrary and is profit-48Pips to members.

If you comment the error, he removed the comment and block you
Marmaris, Turkey,
Feb 26, 2013,

These guys are impostors.
They took my money with promising refund. But when I want refund there's no answer from them. Stay away from them.
Here's the dialog with skype:
"[11.02.2013 23:30:07] PROFIT FOREX SIGNALS: the service charge is 135$ per month and 60 days 245$
[11.02.2013 23:30:14] PROFIT FOREX SIGNALS: its with guarantee
[11.02.2013 23:30:23] cinaryaltirik: Because the quality of these applications is very important
[11.02.2013 23:30:36] PROFIT FOREX SIGNALS: if you are not satisfied later you can refund your money back
[11.02.2013 23:30:56] PROFIT FOREX SIGNALS: it is working with good service
[11.02.2013 23:31:00] PROFIT FOREX SIGNALS: no issue
[11.02.2013 23:31:01] cinaryaltirik: ok
[11.02.2013 23:31:29] PROFIT FOREX SIGNALS: so are you ready to get the service"

I gave them $135 for automated trade copy for one month. The automated results were awful! The results that they publish at their website is lie. In one week they lost me about $144.

So I want refund. But they do not reply to my mails.
Singapore, Singapore,
Nov 9, 2012,

I joined his member for forex signal. With his signals, caused me continue 4days in a row since joined.

He offered me managed account, ask me to open at HotForex. I open account with eWallet, he busted my account in 2days, and I believe it is on purpose. Because he can not take out my funding since I register with eWallet.

I want to warm others, his website and facebook signal result can be make up, to attract people to join member then open account at HotForex. He is promoting HotForex, because by default, trader can use Trading password to access HotForex cabinet for deposit and withdrawal.

I had question he in skype, but he had blocked me. I posted on his facebook, and he removed my post.

How can I warm other sincere traders to beware.

Regarding the managed account, he purposely over trade in volume to busted it. Experience trader should not simply over trade. Or he is only trying his luck. Then his signals are not reliable. How can he charge others. How can the results post look so good.