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Review for CMSTrader.com

Apr 26, 2018,
Registered user

Thieves and scammers, don't get any close to them!!!

I was first contacted through WhatsApp from a guy called "David" with telephone number +44 7957 749668. He was very patient and very careful on how to approach and convinced me about opening an account with CMS Trader with a minimum of $500. I deposited my $500 and they assigned me a supposedly senior analyst called "Joseph Davis" (+44 7440 903321) who started giving me signals which were just garbage going exactly in the opposite direction for days and after a few days he told me he only trades with big accounts of $10K and more so I should deposit more in my account.
I decided to withdraw and close my account and they disappeared, nobody replied any message from then on. I've tried to reach them by email and chat and they just close the chats and never reply emails.
It's been more than a month I asked for my money back and I'm still waiting. Please get away from these scammers!!!

Review for PWRtrade.com

Oct 12, 2016,
Registered user

PWRtrade = scammers!!! Offering protection on investments!

I'm joining all other complains about PWRtrade here... Unfortunately I am another victim of these scammers just a couple of weeks ago. Looking back in time I have to recognize that I behave as a fool and trusted them for no reason. Like a child I just thought that their word was enough for trusting them with my money.
I was offered twice a protection on my investments for a week and when the week was over they changed the terms arguing that the protection was not for a week but for a single loss.
I was first assigned to an agent called "Michael Cooper" who offered me one week of "risk-free trades" at the end of which I managed to keep my investment plus some extra profits for a total of 24K USD. But then he changed the terms of the protection and ended up with 12K USD. When I decided to leave PWRtrade they sent me to a new agent "Jack Romero" who didn't want to approve my withdrawls and offered me a new "risk-free trade" week. At the end of which I managed to be at 45K USD and when we lost that one then they decided that the protection was not valid and I've lost everything.
I've filed a complain with my bank about this scammers and keeping the hope that I'll see my money back someday