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May 15, 2017,
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Lengthy Withdrawal delays

Update to my previous review.
After a great deal of frustration I did finally receive all the funds I tried to withdraw from Profiforex. Apparently they had been having a lot of problems with their own payment processors and my particular bank which was a situation beyond their control. I cannot wholeheartedly recommend them as it has taken so long to get my problems resolved (months) and it often took a long time to get any update from them, so I have changed my rating from one to three stars, 2.5 might have been more accurate. However I did actually manage to make a few dollars profit with them and get all my profits out in the end. I do intend to continue trading with them but I will certainly be using other brokers as well to spread my risk just in case of any future issues.

Jan 4, 2017 - 1 Star I finally managed to get throught to live chat, here is the exerpt below. They have now removed the money from my trading accounts. The account tab in MT4 shows the withdrawal to the correct VISA card number but there is no sign of the money arriving. I tried to contact them yesterday but I have no had reply again. I started the withdrawal process in November 2016 it is now January 2017. The money has effectively disappeared, I have no transaction ID's to chase the bank and Profiforex simply ignore all emails how can I get my money back it appears hopeless.

[13:03:26] Joel: Dear Peter, welcome to Profiforex! My name is Joel and I am happy to assist you. How may I help you?
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[13:03:46] Peter: Hello, I have still not had my withdrwal from my account 469783 or my account 482200, when will these withdrawals be processed it is now well over two weeks since I started the process?
[13:04:56] Joel: One moment please, let me check
[13:11:06] Joel: If you allow me 15 minutes more, I will try to solve your issue right now
[13:11:33] Peter: OK I will wait online as it has been sometime. thank you.
[13:22:50] Joel: thank you for your patience
[13:23:13] Peter: Very happy if it gets sorted out
[13:39:14] Joel: ok, look: right now we can withdraw 2300 USD to your card directly and send the remaining 522.49ЮГЫВ to your Skrill account
[13:39:48] Peter: OK, will that be done today ?
[13:39:58] Joel: yes, sure

Dec 20, 2016 - 1 Star I started trading with Profiforex around a year ago on one of their micro accounts. Execution has been good during this time but two weeks ago I attempted a withdrawal from my most profitable account. Nothing happened I then contacted support and the finance department to find out why my withdrawal was not being processed. The one and only reply I have had is "We have made an inquiry to our processing company regarding your withdrawal but didn't get a reply yet, that is why there is a delay". Since then I have emailed support and finance several times and recieved no further updates, Live chat is also down. Their client agreement clearly states they will respond in 24hrs, they do not. They are simply ignoring my withdrawals and they have given me no futher reasons for the delay and no idea if or when it will ever be processed. I have 4 accounts with them, I have withdrawals pendng from two profitable accounts but neither is happening. Perhaps they perform some withdrawals to some peple so they can get some positive reviews but if you are one of the unlucky ones you may never get your money out. I am continuing to chase them and if I ever get my money out I will change my review of them in the mean time I would tell all prospective customers to stay well away from Profiforex.