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Adelaide, Australia,
Nov 3, 2019,
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Just Gambling not Trading

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Length of use: over 1 Year

I have been with Follow Me Trading since Josh Cavallaro started it after Markets and You. I am just losing money hand over fist. Down to 118 dollars in the kitty today. I have done everything you have said to do but still my account has just been decreasing over time. Sure the system sounds great, and if it worked I would be making money instead of paying out a subscription fee each month and losing each trade on top of that. I have always paid a subscription and was not aware that there was a free account. It may be a completely open and free trading community but FMT removes any negative comments from the system. This is not a defamation on you but on the system. It is binary trading and yes it is gambling. I have learnt the hard way and lost all of the money I have invested over the time I have been with FMT. I have never been much of a gambler and got swayed into thinking it was a real system in hopes of providing a little pocket money in my retirement. Please people, do not be a sucker like me and loose you hard earned money with FMT. Sorry Josh, you are a nice person but I am so over the promises and excuses and want to warn any other older persons, who may be hoodwinked into giving this gambling system money in the expectations that it is a trading system to JUST STAY AWAY - IT'S GAMBLING NOT A TRADING SYSTEM