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london, United Kingdom,
Nov 11, 2020,
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Scammers to get to Trade like that so u need to put money in everytime

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Biggest Scammers and Dishonest People in Market

Firsts they have no Clue of something Call Risk Management .

i am with them from Sep-2020
At first start with contact availability apart from they can call you from VOIP which no one call back.
one person So called ACCOUNT MANAGER ( Same Person with different names to Different People)

First they will say Lets start with 250
I deposit 5K and Drunk Guy ( Oliver) have no clue apart from just asking to deposit and deposit and Deposit.

every call they make u is for Deposit.
their real business is Not making Trader money but make money on Deposits of people.

Their Spread is way too high.
i can honelty tell you these guys have no clue what to do just words and words.

I end up adding 6 K more and Lost all my money.

Its my request dont put even signle penny in this company.
i will proper complaint to FCA as well.iGot all proofs with me .

I will make sure they loose their licence if they have any in UK.

for Withdrawal it will take u 10 days . forget about it. if any one wants to see their money last time please part of this company.
And i am not writing all this in anger but to save others from these scammers and idiots sitting there to make u end up in sitution to loose all or need to add money so they can make big chunk of commission on your deposit. as So Called Account manger makes 10% or more on our deposit.
so its deposit game.
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Reply by Legacyfx submitted Nov 16, 2020:
Dear Mrs. Shaun
Thank you for placing a review about We are very sorry the market did not go in the direction you expected. While a trader may not be satisfied with the results of his/her own trading that does not mean they were not treated fairly by your account manager. The Forex market carries a high level of risk and can be very volatile at times. The lot size of 0.1 is the minimum and standard size when trading commodities. All trades are conducted according to our Terms and Conditions, which you signed and agreed to. If you may need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Best Regards,
The Compliance Team.