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Gloucestershire, United Kingdom,
May 19, 2021,
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FTMO review after passing the challenge and being live for 1 month.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months


I want to share my experience so far with FTMO. I passed both the evaluation and verification and went live last month. I ended the first month in profit and received both my refund for the Challenge and my share of the months profit in two separate payments. I am now on a second month and have had no issues with fills or spreads.

So far the only thing I can think of the FTMO could improve on it the time taken to give out the next months account credentials. From the profit split day it took 4 days (including the weekend but those days count as BTC and ETH are open to trade but I don't trade them anyway). I understand that they need to verify results but this pushes back profit split day by 4 days which over a 12 month period could result in 48 trading days not able to trade (holidays excluded).

In all I am proud to be an FTMO Trader.