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CZE, Czech Republic,
Jun 23, 2021,
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Tradestation Crypto is scam and you can lose much money!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

Tradestation Crypto for unknown reasons uses a trick that can cost you a lot of money and stress. Today I purchased Litecoin on Tradestation Crypto and immediately requested a withdrawal to my own Litecoin wallet. But an unpleasant surprise was waiting for me! I received an email telling me that I had to call a US phone number first and get verified. I'm from Europe and all international calls cost me $3 per minute, but I needed to do this because the withdrawal couldn't be cancelled. So I started calling... about 10 times only to get a robot who told me I was on a waiting list. Then I texted many times on Tradestation livechat and suddenly someone called me. The call lasted over 50 minutes and during that time all I got was that I had to send a selfie with my passport to their email and I had to wait another 24 hours for verification! So the result? I purchased Litecoin cryptocurrency and requested a withdrawal, since then I can't do anything with my cryptocurrency. I can't cancel the withdrawal, I can't sell Litecoin for dollars, I can't do anything. I can only wait and watch the price of litecoin fall. This behavior is fraudulent because NOWHERE is there a warning written that verification is required. You only find out this information after you make a withdrawal and you get trapped immediately. So I'm transferring $1800 and have wasted $100 so far in the exchange rate, plus paying $150 or more for calls to the US. The most ridiculous thing is that I've been trading stocks with Tradestation for half a year and I'm fully verified of course. This on crypto is fraudulent behavior and never try this service. They will force you to gamble!