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Nairobi, Kenya,
Aug 4, 2021,
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I was now aware of the R Principle which I have found to be a better way

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As a new trader, I was seeking to grasp the idea of trading, and draw a line between trading and investing. Further, I wanted to learn the basics of trading in a deeper understanding in simple terms. I was looking for something easy to understand, together with realising the facts that I will be good to go with when beginning to trade. I was having trouble trading successfully, but now I’ve realised what I was missing. An edge and rules! My favourite part was obviously the mechanical strategies. Game changer. Removing emotion was the key for me. Helpful beyond words since I’ve seen most of my trading friends revenging on what they lost, and hopping from one strategy to another, what I have learned is a common mistake termed strategy hopping.

This program is a unique one. First, the delivery is simple to understand, and following through is easier since the videos are short and have relatable examples. Most programs I’ve seen out there have long videos. The program IS worth the fee. This program has changed my way of thinking, majorly by not basing my trading decisions on emotions and greed for high returns. A strategy, I have come to realise, is very important. One vital thing I’ve learned is managing my risks when trading. I thought being a successful trader is by not making losses but now realised that a successful trader should try to minimise risks. The 1% Rule will come in very handy for me.

I’ve learned to be systematic. I was aware of the “R Principle” which I have found to be a better way to quantify my trades. This will help me not only to focus on winnings but also consider the losses I’ve made and know my true position after a trade. The mechanical strategy has interested me a lot. Together with other strategies I am planning to take on the Platinum Program, I think combining the strategies will make me a logical and focused trader.