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Western Cape, South Africa,
Sep 30, 2022,
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Unbelievable Value

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Through Traders Academy Club Vladimir Ribakov offers simply the best service available and unbelievable value for money. Time is very limited in most people's lives and being part of this club and what if offers is truly time well spent.
What makes the difference is the day-to-day follow-up on ongoing trades and also potential set-ups developing. I find the continuous feedback on ongoing trades absolutely hands-on and immensely educational as things happen in the real live market. Truly amazing service and great to be part of this trading club!

Nov 9, 2021 - 5 Stars With Traders Academy Club Vladimir Ribakov offers the perfect solution for traders of all levels – from absolute beginners to veteran traders.
I’ve been following Vladimir for 4 years now – I don’t think one single word can do justice describing the man and the service he provides:
Honest / transparent / analytical / educational / stimulating / supportive / continuous / easy to follow explanations / adaptive and continuously improving what the TAC offers.
Vladimir provides the tools for those who truly wants to learn and become independent traders. Daily guidance not only points out new potential opportunities but also focus on and provides the analysis required to quickly identify and manage those trades not developing as expected. Being part of the Traders Academy Club brings a whole different dimension where Telegram is very effectively used for daily interaction with many other traders, some hugely experienced and masters in their fields of expertise.
Reading through some of the reviews on this platform I find it difficult to understand why some individuals are critical on the fact that Vladimir runs a business also selling trading systems and enjoys income from membership fees. These aspects merely add to a very comprehensive product range to choose from all backed up by unusual high support levels. Being a club member is invaluable and Vladimir’s guidance never prescribes using a specific system he developed but rather how to incorporate your own strengths and choice of techniques within the bigger picture analysis. Vladimir has never offered the Holy Grail but guides traders firstly to protect their own capital and secondly to grow their account with acceptable risk. It works!
This is not only the best value for money service I ever came across, but one of the most trustworthy and honest paid for services around. I am a proud member and follower!

Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Nov 15, 2021 Thank you very much, Jan!

Thanks for your great feedback and for your support in my work!

All the best to you and yours