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Jun 25, 2022,
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Loss caused by connection error in GlobalPrime Real Account, with proof

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
If the server of the Real Account with GlobalPrime 978701 was disconnected when the operation was being reversed, it was not a third party (it sent the signal from the demo account of GlobalPrime to the real account of GlobalPrime with mirror, in the demo account it was closed with profit, in the real account when it was not closed it accumulated loss and in the log of the real account it appeared error of connection with the server of GlobalPrime (real), and I had to close it with loss. (Support Ticket: 162989)


Demo Account

Login: 2302955
Investor: xruz2ww (Copy signal)

Real Account GlobalPrime: 978701 Logs: (file: 20220524.txt)

1 14:04:05.875 '978701': connect failed [No connection]
1 14:04:06.047 authorization failed
1 14:04:08.597 authorization failed
0 14:05:47.476 '978701': login on GlobalPrime-Live through Main IP (ping: n/a)
0 14:05:51.508 '978701': previous successful authorization performed from
0 14:06:19.163 '978701': auto connecting to a better access point Main DNS (ping is 176.83 ms)
0 14:06:20.519 '978701': login on GlobalPrime-Live through Main DNS (ping: 176.83 ms)
0 14:06:22.414 '978701': previous successful authorization performed from
1 14:10:56.431 '978701': connect failed [No connection]

Be careful, I lost 1/4 of my salary trying to recover the loss caused by his mistake.
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