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Arizona, USA,
Nov 25, 2021,
Registered user

Bad "Market Open" Discipline

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 6-12 Months

They do not seem to take the Market open time (Sunday in my Time Zone) seriously for their Demo Feed.

I have many Forward-Tests running which get destroyed when they decide to turn on the feed several hours later than the market open. Emailing Support for several weeks...no help. Multiple Excuses given. They need to do their maintenance on Saturday and get the feed turned back on well before the market open. Even ICMarkets can manage to do this with their enormous Demo Server Fleet. NO OTHER DEALER TREATS THE MARKET OPEN SO RECKLASSLY.

They have unlimited Demo's which is nice.

They adjust their spreads in their ECN model often and they become wider more than any dealer I have seen. I have over 7 dealers on my computer and four VPS's. Turnkey Forex is the worst when it comes to spread changes. Today it is Thanksgiving day in the USA so liquidity is low. Out of all the dealers that I have Turnkey Forex for most of the day has had 3-4 times the spread..in their so-called ECN account that they charge a commission on. No wonder they are advertising "Zero-Commissions" recently.

I am scared to go live with them. I am holding out to see if there is any improvement. I think everybody deserves a chance.
Reply by TurnkeyForex submitted Dec 7, 2021:
Dear Marley,

Thank you for continuing to be a valued customer with Turnkey Forex!

In regards to your concern of demo feed not turning on, please be informed that this has happened on our Demo accounts only on a couple of Monday mornings in the past one year, due to some technical glitch, as part of the maintenance on the server. There has not been any issue whatsoever on our Live accounts. However, we have already fixed this issue and it will not recur in future.

The maintenance on servers is carried on from time to time in order to provide order execution similar to that on a live account for best client experience.

Further, our support team has constantly been in touch with you via email regarding your queries.

Regarding the spreads, TurnkeyForex is known in the industry for providing a combination of low commissions and razor-thin spreads starting from 0.0 pips on pairs like EURUSD on ECN accounts. Being a pure ECN broker, the spreads provided on an ECN account are raw and free from re-quotes.

On our platform, you get trade execution mostly at the prices that you see, unlike most of the other brokers. Even if the spreads are wider at a few occasions including market opening or closing time or news hours, you will see that the order execution happens at the best prices and there is minimal slippage with us.

We continuously strive to provide our clients with the best trading experience by coming up with lucrative offers including the currently running Zero Commissions offer.

We request you to try out our live account for a real hands-on experience with our impeccable trading conditions.

For further inquiries, please contact us on Live Chat 24*5 or write to us at contactus@turnkeyforex.com

Turnkeyforex Team

Review for MaxPipFX.com

Arizona, USA,
May 20, 2018,
Registered user

Good long Term System

I think that this system is misunderstood. From what I can tell the author is French and there may be a language difficulty.

This is a long term hold system in which there can be many open trades for long periods of time which carry a large net unrealized P/L. While holding your positions trades can come and go netting realized P/L. The hope is the entries will yield 100% profitable exits eventually, however in rare instances the hold is cut short and some losing exits are made to adjust the unrealized P/L if it gets too big. Also the flow of the market should net closing trades along the journey to outpace the negative carry.

The exits could be based on support and resistance which would make a lot of sense (unverified).

Look at the system to be your moneymaking flow machine. Exercise patience and reserve your judgments as eventually you will be in the money and carrying in a directionless environment pulling profit out of the market.