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Dec 1, 2018,
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my account was A/C No: 154061 ( now MT4-ECN-534464) you got 5300 euros allegating false and undemostrable and unfunded accusations, then you closed the account and reopen with other number always at your convenience. i have all registered.
Some people ( potential investors ) ask me for proofs, and i always show them ans i have at least the satisfaction that you will lose clients ( potential victims. If you want send me an email and i will show all this without problems because i,m moraly legitimated for it. Take note that finantial crimes ( clear like you do ) do not have prescription. i will fight against you all my life until you make a restitution and make an apoilogize

Nov 28, 2018 - 1 Star They usually use false acusations to get your money. They use always an excuse that you did hedging with other brokers, witout proofs obviously . their strategy is to knock your account when you are a winner and you want to withdraw your earnings.
they use a generic escuse for not to return your funds , they always tell you that have problems with bank transfers etc... i have all documents that proofs that please do not invest with them i can show you this proofs because you do not become a victim

Reply by LiteForex Official submitted Nov 30, 2018 Dear jorgefx111,

Can you tell your account number? We would like to know that you are really client of our company. We will check all information which you are talking about. At this moment we can see unfounded accusations only.

Best regards,

representative of LiteForex Investments Limited

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barcelona, Spain,
Nov 18, 2018,
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Hi, I was lucky in 2016 when i invested an small quantity with this thieves because they stole to me descarately about 5000 dollars. they always use false acussations ( you can see their scams on forums). Well i was lucky because i went to invest aprox 900000 dollars with them, thanks to god i saw their true face...
If you need real probes about them i can give you without any more interest, only want to show people who are they . Fortunately some people wrote me and gave me thanks for not fall on this criminbals hands