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Review for GOMarkets.com

Jan 15, 2019,
Registered user

Go Markets is the best !

Quite honestly I don't understand the negative reviews on this company ! I've been with Go Markets for 3 1/2 years now and all I can say is they're not only very friendly and helpful, but also 100% correct - after all, they're highly regulated. They even helped me out recently (to their own detriment) when I got hit by the flash crash on 03.01.19.
I've been with so many brokers till now, but this one beats them all when it comes to competence and fairness. As for widening spreads etc. (see negative reviews), all companies do this in times of low liquidity - after all, brokers also carry risks !
All in all, I'm perfectly satisfied with Go Markets !

Review for GlobalFXM.com

Mur, Switzerland,
Dec 16, 2017,
Registered user

Beware of GlobalFXM !

A word of warning to anyone intending to use this broker: Stay well away from them !
This is none other than 10Brokers.com (read the FPA reviews and scam alerts here:
10Brokers obviously noticed that all the negative reviews weren't doing their reputation any good, so they decided to change their name and start afresh: with the money they had stolen from their clients ! This is NOT the way to wipe the slate clean again.
A very dubious GlobalFXM representative by the name of "Jane" tried to get me on board, and in the course of our discussions told me more lies than I've ever heard before. She claimed not to have anything to do with 10Brokers, yet she knows everyone there, has access to my account and knows in detail all my experiences with 10Brokers !
10Brokers owes money to a lot of clients - this won't be any different with GlobalFXM (the same bad wine just in new bottles).
Stay well clear of these scammers !

Review for BlueberryMarkets.com

Mur, Switzerland,
Dec 14, 2017,
Registered user

Blueberry top-notch

I've been with Blueberry now for about a year and I must say I'm very happy indeed with the service. Not many brokers around with integrity, but here's one for sure ! Whether it's withdrawals, online help, trade execution or whatever, in all aspects simply unbeatable - keep it up Blueberry !

Review for MCIInvestments.com

Oct 23, 2017,
Registered user

Beware of MCIInvestments !

Issue escalated to Traders Court maduet vs mciinvestments.com | GUILTY
A word of caution to all. This company phones victims of previous scams and offers to help them. They take out a loan (10 - 50k) with the bank, using their own funds, trade on it themselves and then offer you to take over the loan if you want to. No up-front fees, no obligations. Sounds great, you see the trades being taken, your account growing (my 10k account grew over 13% within a couple of days) and after a while they phone you again to ask whether you want to take over the loan or not. In other words, send them 10k and of course keep the profits.

The trouble is, when you ask them for some document as proof of this loan, they say No, that's not possible (bank confidentiality etc.) You also have no proof that this isn't simply a binary options account simulation. They say on their home page that they're registered with St Vincent and the Grenadines, but the regulating body Svgfsa confirmed in their e-mail to me that "A search of our register did not reveal any entity with the name MCInvestments".

So all I can say is, when Laurence Hertz (or someone else from mciinvestments.com) phones you, run away as fast you possibly can !

Oct 18, 2017 - 1 Star The approach certainly is interesting. They took a 10k loan from a Polish Bank for me and made 13% on this within the first 5 days. I then had the option of buying this loan or leaving everything as is. The trouble is, they never show you any confirmation or contract whatsoever, concerning the loan, so you can't be sure that any such loan exists. You also can't know whether the trades they make on your account are genuine or not - it could simply be a simulated Binary Options account, and most probably is. And then there's no entry in the Saint Vincent firm register where they're supposedly registered.
So all in all, a very shady business indeed ! I didn't fall for this one and I only hope no-one else does...

Review for MarketsYes.com

Mur, Switzerland,
Sep 23, 2017,
Registered user

Have yet to find a more friendly or trustworthy broker out there. They might not be regulated, but in my case this didn't make the slightest difference. Excellent trading suggestions and contact. Withdrawals un-problematic, no questions asked ! I heartily recommend MarketsYes !

Review for Trade-24.com

Mur, Switzerland,
Sep 15, 2017,
Registered user

Trade-24 cheats me out of €2.5k

On 9th March 2017 my account manager at Trade-24 (Daniel Bergman) phoned me to say that there was high-impact News coming up the following day and that he had a special venture in mind that was guaranteed to make a lot of money. I replied that I wasn't interested, as I had only just succeeded in withdrawing my funds from Trade-24 which had taken 5 weeks and cost me a lot of nerves. Trade-24 had done everything in it's power to prevent me from withdrawing, so the last thing I wanted to do was deposit with them again !

Daniel Bergman replied that he was there to make amends for this negative experience and that he would show me how profitable this venture would be. He was even so sure of himself that he promised me to refund me my €2.5k from his own pocket should things go wrong. Anyway he was so persistent with all his arguments that I finally gave in and stupidly deposited the €2.5k for him to trade with.

Not only did he NOT trade that Friday as promised, but only the following Wednesday, when most of his trades went horribly wrong. Instead of going down, Gold went up (as did EURUSD of course) - all trades highly correlated and with completely exaggerated lot-sizes. Even doubling-up on the losses ! Imagine opening trades just hours before the FOMC AND a Trump speech, then leaving them open when they go drastically wrong !

After my entire deposit had been wiped out, he told me not to worry, he would put things straight again and "restore my account". How, if there was no money left ? He said, just wait and see - he had made a promise and he would keep it. As a Russian, a promise is sacred - Blah-blah...

Soon after this, Bergman disappeared completely. When I asked what had become of him, some said "on vacation", others said "at a seminar", his successor Charlie King even said he had been fired ! Anyway, my new account manager Charlie King insisted that I make a further deposit, saying that Ethereum was going up like crazy, this was the time to buy, and this way we would recover the losses in no time at all. No ways ! Good thing I didn't, because in the following weeks ETHUSD plummeted over 16000 points !

Incredible, how this broker cleverly pulls the money out of your pocket, blows it entirely and then has the audacity to insist that you deposit more ! I want my €2.5k investment back again, that they cleverly cheated me out of. I hope FPA can help me. Until then, my advice to all: stay well away from Trade-24 !
Reply by Trade-24 Official submitted Oct 24, 2017:
Hello, maduet!

Thanks for the detailed feedback. We regret the negative experience associated with us. Write, please, your account ID, your first and last name, and we'll help you as quickly as possible.

With best regard, Trade-24

Review for CFDBuy.com

Aug 25, 2017,
Registered user

CFDBuy refuse to refund me my €2500

Issue escalated to Traders Court maduet vs cfdbuy.com | GUILTY
On 27th July Nathan Summers of CFCBuy gave me a promotional offer of 14 days "guaranteed no loss" trading which sounded fair enough. I thus invested €1500 with this company and my account manager, Stefan Klein, placed several trades on my account. The trades did very well and on 7th August Mr Klein phoned me saying he had a special trade on stocks in mind that would make a good profit - guaranteed ! Even if not, it would still fall under the company's 14-day guarantee of no losses, where they re-imburse any losses incurred. I didn't want to invest again, but Mr Klein was so insistent that I finally gave in and deposited a further €1k. And that was the last time I heard from him ! (Apart from Skype messages saying "he has no time"). Neither did he place the said trade, not did he reply to my messages and mails. (One also can't phone CFDBy and their "Live Chat" is appalling).

On 11th August I tried to get my €1k back again but of course my withdrawal request was totally ignored. All mails to Mr Klein, Mr Summers and also the Compliance Department are completely ignored.

In the meantime I've closed the trades and have requested a withdrawal of my invested amount (€2500). The company can keep the profits (€157), I just want my investment back. It took me a long time to earn it and I won't rest until I get it back in full.

Aug 14, 2017 - 1 Star My experience with CfdBuy hasn't been positive either. Ever since I placed a withdrawal request they don't pick up the phone, nor reply to Skype messages and e-mails. Obviously they regards clients' money as their own !

Review for ForexPeaceArmy.com (Free Signals, Forum, Education, Reviews)

Aug 22, 2017,
Registered user

FPA got me my €1k back in 3 days !

I had been waiting for over 5 weeks for 10Brokers to execute my €1k withdrawal and wasn't getting anywhere. Then Forex Peace Army came into action and already within 3 days the broker paid out ! FPA does a fantastic job in the fight against dodgy brokers and other scammers - keep up the good work FPA, we need you !

Review for 10Brokers.com

Aug 21, 2017,
Registered user

10Brokers pay out

In the meantime 10Brokers have at last refunded me, thanks to Forex Peace Army ! I had been waiting for nearly 5 weeks, but within 3 days of the case being opened by FPA, they already paid out !
Thank you FPA for doing a WONDERFUL job - you guys are fantastic !!

Aug 4, 2017 - 1 Star I placed a withdrawal request for €1000 on 19.07.2017 and they just completely ignored it. Have been writing to them every day now, kindly requesting that they give me my money back, but to no avail. Even phone calls every day have no effect. They say it's my money, they're not scammers, etc. but in actual fact they are.
Right from the beginning I got shoved from one account manager to the other, they always said the last one "had been fired", or the last one was "on a seminar", all of which was a heap of lies. That's why I decided to take my money and quit, before placing a single trade. When people lie to me, I don't feel inclined to entrust my hard-earned money with them.
Stay clear of 10Brokers !
Reply by 10Brokers submitted Sep 18, 2017:
Thank you for your review.
As a representative of 10brokers I apologize for this incident.

Review for AndyWltd.com

May 27, 2017,
Registered user

AndyW - beginner or experienced trader ?

I subscribed to AndyW a month ago and I can't say I'm overly impressed. True, there are two trades a day, but these lose more often than they win (the hitrate is only 24% to be exact). The Reward:Risk ratio is normally about 1.3:1, so in no way can the few winning trades make up for all the losers. But what surprises me most is the trading style: Selling the EUR/USD a few hours before Thursday's FOMC and leaving the trade open during this news release for example. Not only was the trade stopped out within seconds, but the FOMC pushed this pair UP 75 pips !
Or buying GBP/JPY 30 minutes before the major GDP release on Wednesday and leaving this trade open during the news release too. Not only was it also wiped out within seconds, but the GDP pushed the pair down about 40 pips.
And why oh why sell the NZD against the USD when every currency strength meter out there shows NZD strength against USD weakness ?
It may be that May was a particularly difficult month to trade and that Andy (what's his real name in fact, and where is he from ? All a big secret...) normally has better results, but then an experienced trader knows when best to stay out of the market.
"50 pips a day" ? No sign of that whatsoever ! With an expectancy of -5.3 (i.e. losing 5.3 dollars for every dollar at risk) this couldn't be further from the truth.
My subscribing was a grave mistake, but then you live and learn...

Review for TradersBO.com

May 27, 2017,
Registered user

TradersBO scam

Hi all,
Did anyone of you ever succeed in getting your money back from these scammers ? It seems they're hiding somewhere in Russia and are no longer contactable.

Jan 22, 2017 - 1 Star Does anyone know whether TradersBO still exists ? They owe me 4k but it's impossible to contact them - neither via Skype, nor "Live" Chat, nor telephone or e-mail. It seems they're located in Russia...
Grateful for any tips !