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Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom,
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

Highly recommend Strategic Trading systems.

I would like to leave this review in relation to the teaching methods used by Strategic Trading systems and also to help any prospective trader who is considering using Strategic Trading systems as a mentoring option.
I started trying to trade approximately 18 Months ago. I had prior to this read numerous books and participated in number of Forex trading training courses. The first 6 months of my trading were very unsuccessful and resulted in me losing money and becoming very despondent.
I by chance discovered Jon’s Strategic trading systems site and followed the recommend course approach which is completing the FFE course prior to the scalping and the personal mentoring course.
The documentation for the first two courses is very comprehensive. The Scalping course uses the techniques detailed in the FFE ebook which is why the FFE must be taken initially. Over the period course time trading Charts are sent to the students daily and Jon responds to any questions relating to the charts promptly answering any queries in detail.
The Personal Mentoring course which can be taken after completing the FFE and Scalping courses takes you to the next level of learning to trade successfully. Jon analyses the trades you have taken daily over the 4 week period and provides detailed feedback on why the trade went well or badly. Jon doesn’t pull any punches in his detailed feedback which initially you may think is harsh in relation to any loss making trades you have taken. However this approach really works and focuses your mind and helps eliminate any bad practices for future trades. Jon also helps to address any psychological issues which you will encounter and definitely impacted my trading initially. Jon is also quick to provide praise and positive feedback in relation to any well taken trades. The benefits of this approach taken are realised pretty quickly as you progress through the 4 weeks.
Over the 4 weeks that you participate in the Personal Mentoring course Jon provides a wealth of additional information, documentation and tips all of which help add to you becoming a better trader
I’ve taken the personal Mentoring course twice and I am now trading consistently in profit. The courses and mentoring provided are no Magic Bullet as the student will be required to put in a major amount of effort in relation to learning and following the system rules. Overcoming any psychological trading barriers requires a change of mind set by the student and will also be a definite challenge and require work.
I would highly recommend the courses and mentoring provided by Strategic Trading systems. The personal mentoring Course in particular is invaluable. If you are willing to put in the time and effort required there is no reason why you should not become a successful trader using the course material, comprehensive tools and mentoring provided by Strategic trading Systems

Good Luck in your trading
Kirkcaldy, Fife