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South Africa,
Nov 8, 2017,
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I have submitted a withdrawal request for $500 on 13/10/2017, and I am still waiting. I have been given the runaround by Jake Parker, who initially was very nice, but he turned out to be not so nice after all. My initial deposit was $500, which quickly grew to $1508 because of the trades he placed on my behalf. Fortunately I resisted his repeated requests to deposit more money. I am going to report them to as many regulatory bodies as I can, and also to the FBI. I'm hoping that anybody else who has received this treatment will do the same, so that we can form a united front against these scammers, and by standing together, we may yet bring them down. An unknown good Samaritan has provided me with websites and email addresses of the bodies to report tem to, and I am not going to give this up without a fight. If anyone can assist e further to get money back, I will appreciate it very much