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Review for SignalMagician.com

Zagreb, Croatia,
Aug 6, 2019,
Registered user

Best service on market of it's kind !

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Signal Magician really give above and beyond of anyone's expectation.
Manuals are best writen and easy to understand.
Dashboard have apsolutely everthing you will ever need. Very user friendly.
Their helpdesk is 5 stars also.
Highly reccomended!

Review for Loop-Strategy.com

Zagreb, Croatia,
Oct 28, 2017,
Registered user

They blowned my account after 4 months. I asked them about negative experiences with them from people from the internet and they dismissed it.
Its just ordinary grid. Works fine when price is ranging od daily chart but you get your account blowned when price trend.
They said float lose is usually up to 20%, mine was like that first month and after that all the time over 50% and finally they lost all.
If anybody wants, I will gladly share with you my trade statement from them.
You will be profitable with this ea only if your are lucky and price will range on daily chart for very long time. Lost so much money because they said many things that just dont stand. I have friend using this ea also and his account is about to end too.
My first and last EA!

Review for EliteCurrenSea.com

Zagreb, Croatia,
Aug 12, 2017,
Registered user

2 traders for double win

I follow Chris and Nenad for over a year now and they are amazing traders and persons. They have different approuch and both are more then successful.
Had a great time of Fx following their lead and some less great time when I become too greddy. But my advice is, learn us much as you can from their webinars and just follow their lead. The results will definetly come. Thank you guys for everything you done to me and from all your help that I become serious and successful trader finaly.