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Review for IQOption.com

Jan 4, 2018,
Registered user

Scam Broker.
They are market manipulators, Demo and Real account works very different.

And lastly, I cant withdraw remaining money even after providing every document they asked.
Their CySEC regulation is useless.

Review for FoxBinarySignals.com

Pakistan, Pakistan,
Sep 26, 2017,
Registered user

His actual Winrate is far less than advertised on his website.

I was using his AutoTrader since start of September. and what i have realized he lied about his winrate.

He dont count re-entry as a loss just to keep his fake winrate high.

His actual winrate of HighProbability Signals is 61% on 261 trades this year on myfxbook and he show 84% or 91% winrate on his good looking website.

I was beginner and he fooled me with good looking website and fake results. I lost more than 250$ using his AutoTrader.

Lastly, he attracted customers with your this line
'No more yearly slots available for Autotrading plans, and soon monthly slots also will be limited'
his yearly profit is around 700euro with 61% winrate and 38% drawdown. and he is charging 500-900$ for his yearly Autotrader.

Dear Karen Mattson (fox binary signal provider),
Show your real myfxbook results and winrate to public, no one will buy your Autotrading then.

His actual winrate isnt 84% or 91%, His actual winrate on myfxbook is 61% with 261trades. with 38% drawdown.
and he will soon that remove that from myfxbook, i am assuming.

He dont earn by Trading binary, he actually earn by selling Autotrader and in order to sell AutoTrader at high price, he deceive people with fake results by showing his winrate as 84% or 91% on his website.
Reply by foxbinarysignals submitted Oct 23, 2017:
Ups, I think that you don’t really read ALL info about our service. Also, we recommend to use it minimum for 2-3 months investing 3-4% of your balance on the first entry for more safety and draw good conclusions. IT’S TRADING.

First of all, the success rate is clearly calculated using ONE REENTRY as we explain on the Live Signals page. "* For each SIGNAL we consider the possibility of opening multiple trades. ONE SIGNAL, it's the combination of first approach and, if it's necesary, reentry.”

Since we started our accumulated gain is 394% (without counting September, that is clear a bad month and we closed with more losses). It’s clear, and you can calculate this if you want with ALL signals results (for HIGH signals) posted on the RESULTS page. All screenshots are from our GoMarkets account (all info on the website is copied automatically form this account) and you can verify for yourself every signals, entry time, open/close price and results. It’s so simple!

About REAL results, as we also explain on the website, you can follow our FULLY VERIFIED myfxbook account using our Expert Advisor for MT4 (http://www.myfxbook.com/members/foxbinarysignals/) with same signals that you can see on the website. Of course, with important losses on last weeks, as you can see… because we NEVER fool anyone!! The results are on the account, LOSSES AND WINS! And of course we will not always be able to win, but luckily we still have a lot of users who understand this and are happy to pay our service because they know that binary trading is one of the most risky products and our long-term performance is amazing.

And finally, no, we don’t try to attract customers with this message!! On May, after 6 month of Autotrading launch and with amazing results, the number of customers increased and we needed to limit our slots to be under the broker’s “radar” and to ensure correct functionality of Autotrader platforms (we had to upgrade our servers for two times). First we started with yearly slots, and we announce that on Sept-Octb we’ll close also monthly slots (continuing only with Signals Service subscription for manual trading), but after some bad results the increase of users stopped and we’re waiting again for good results to include a counter on the website to finally close the number of slots.

We’re simply trying to help people making money (and of course users who started last year make several profits) but now it isn’t our best moment. It’s a difficult industry and after some losses everyone accuses us from SCAM or similar without verifying any signal or checking our myfxbook account. We're happy with our long-term results, as we always explained, also with these bad weeks is more than other binary trading service can offer. And it's REAL. That’s all.