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Review for XLRTrade.com

Jan 27, 2018,
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XLR TRADE is a fake broker. I was scammed by Italian office (phone 011 0121588 email sc@xlrtrade.com). Unfortunately some month ago I didn’t know anything about trading on line, so I fell into their trap.

July 2017: I opened an account (n. 161408) with XLR TRADE; the first trades, that my account manager suggested me, were successful, so he invited me to deposit more and more money. Unfortunately I accomplished.

August 2017: my account manager made me perform very hazardous trades that quickly went to loss; he told me to deposit more money to avoid closing my trades with a final loss. This time I didn’t accomplish and I closed all my trades.

September 2017: I decided not to trade any more. I asked for the withdrawal of my residual funds (20.000 EUR) on my trade account.
September – December 2017: my withdrawal request was pending for authorization for four months. I send many mails (sc@xlrtrade.com and support@xlrtrade.com ) and I made many phone calls in vain: nobody answered my mails and my phone calls (they were always busy or on meeting) and nobody explain me why my request had not been authorized.

January 2018: suddenly on 2018-01-08 I received a mail from XLR support where they write: “Dear client, we cannot complete your WD request due to not having the required amount of money in your account to withdrawal. We have closed your withdrawal request.”
I checked my account and I discovered that three trades (BTCJPY) were opened on 2018-01-04 and closed on 2018-01-05 with an overall loss of 45.997,45 euro. Of course I never performed that trades. The only explanation is that someone of XLR knew my account password and operated on my trade account without my knowledge.

So, at the end of this story, I lost all my funds and I have no hope to recover my money.

I think XRL TRADE is a scam, a very dangerous scam.