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Kampala, Uganda,
Jul 9, 2019,
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Withdraw recieved- Resolved

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Dear Dean Hyde - Managing Director of Blueberry Markets,

Thank you for your kind consideration and understanding taking your time to clear the traders community in regards to the complaint.
I greatly appreciate the way how the complaint has been resolved and settled timely.
After a withdrawal request and an exchange of emails, On the 3rd/07/2019 i recieved an email from Sebastian demanding that i resend my bank statement showing the deposits made onto my trading account though like mentioned in my previous review i had verified everything with you. If i had used a prepaid card i won't be able to supply my bank statement/bank account and all in all if there is a fraudulent deposit am sure there will always be charge backs. In that regard, i was forced to raise this complaint on panic circumstances due to the various reviews i have came across here on FPA from different traders when it came to doing withdrawals always brokerage firms have denied it and in return scamming the trader.
After an advise from my colleague, on that very 3rd/07/2019 I went to my bank and did a new card statement printout and sent it through to Sebastian for confirmations.
On the 5th/07/2019 i made a phone call to Sebastian and we had a length conversation as he assured me that i shouldn't worry everything was ok so far and there is nothing like a scam going. He told me to request a new withdrawal that could be processed the same day but since we have 7hrs time frame difference and it was a Friday the finance wasn't able to process it.
Yesterday Monday 8th/07/2019 the withdrawn amount hit my bank account.
All that said i would like to clear out everyone that the complaint has been RESOLVED and so far i will rate the brokerage firm with a 5star rating due the way trade positions are executed on the click of the mouse, timely complaint resolution and the continued communication i had when i thought i had fallen a victim of scam.
In regards to being stopped out with a difference of 2pips i still had to agree that i had a tight stop loss that might have been triggered by the ask price since they were sell positions.
I want to thank the admins of FPA for the great platform indeed as this contributes 100% to the success of retail traders and trustworth retail brokerage firms.
As the norm says.... No one makes money selling whales, everyone makes money selling shrimps- Jack Ma.
Ratings and reviews from the retail traders community will grow a brokerage firm and it's just a matter of priorities on how the company responds and act towards the reviews/complaint.
I also agree with the MD that Sebastian has the best client handling features and he really deserves the promotion at your firm.
Looking forward to being a long term client trading successfully with your firm. Thank you! PEACE AND LOVE.

Jul 3, 2019 - 1 Star Be careful with Blueberry markets Australia an introducing broker or trading name for Eightcap Pty Ltd (ABN 73 139 495 944).
I verified my account with Blueberry markets on various basis earlier nearly 2months before even allowing me to start trading. I sent my bank statement as a proof of address showing my full details as they should appear.
I verified my card before allowing me to make my first deposit of $300 and again more $300 totaling to $600 .
I attached my bank account on the account but as a norm when i went to a withdrawal for the deposits as a reversal i clicked on the Visa/Mastercard but then i didn't see my card as it turns up on deposit as a verified card attached to my account instead then i was directed to the bank account which i had proceed with the withdrawal. The following i saw an attempted withdrawal but reversed shortly transaction on my account and in the middle of the day i recieved the emails as i have been able to add them below accordingly. I have taken screenshot of everything but suddenly i am unable to add the photos here.
I have been communicating with Sebastian Morgan and he at times writes at Sales associate or and sometimes as Head of client experience. I had a complaint about my stop loss hunt/trigger scenario but he didn't come up with any demand until the time i am doing a withdrawal.
Please i need my money back (capital) including my earned profits since i have been trading with my account clearly reflects the losses and profits i used to take. I will escalate this further to all the concerned parties and authorities until its settled. I didn't expect this at all!!!

Sebastian Morgan <>
Tue 7/2/2019 11:15 AM
Hi Male,

Finance was unable to process your withdrawal as they received an error code when trying to authenticate your card. Are you able to confirm with your bank that 3D secure is enabled on your card? If they can activate it for you, we can proceed to process. If they can't, we'll need to withdraw to bank.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Sebastian Morgan
Sales Associate
Blueberry Markets

+61 2 8404 9485 p: +61 2 8039 7480

133 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia, 2065
w: e:

"Hi Sebastian,

Nice to hear from you once again.
Actually the bank hasn't enrolled into the 3D secure card transaction authentication process in general and that can't be applied on my own card alone for now may be in the near future they are in the process of enrolling according to what they said to me. Though i normally receive refunds/reversals without any hassle.
Please proceed with the withdrawal through bank account.
so far no questions at all, Thank you"

Sebastian Morgan <>
Wed 7/3/2019 5:48 AM
Thanks for providing specific information on your situation Male, we can process to bank accordingly. Just before doing so, finance requires a card statement showing your most recent deposit(s) made to your trading account. Are you able to provide a copy which shows your name, account details, and most recent deposits?

Kind regards,

Sebastian Morgan
Head of Client Experience
Blueberry Markets

+61 2 8404 9485 p: +61 2 8039 7480

133 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia, 2065
w: e:

"Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your followup email.
Unfortunately this now according to similar reviews and complaints i have came around to and with my experience with forex brokers reflects a denial of withdrawal type of scam.
I verified my account with you on various basis earlier before even allowing me to start trading with you i sent my bank statement to you as a proof of address showing my full details as you are requesting them here again.
I verified my card with you before allowing me to make multiple deposits with you.
I have been communicating with you on several occasions including a complaint about my stop loss hunt scenario but you didn't come up with any demand until the time i am doing a withdrawal.
Before receiving this email you told me that you tried a card reversal but transaction declined because of 3D secure processing and agreed that you should do a bank withdrawal.
All my bank account is already attached to the account and why do i have to send this at this time only?
I have seen reviews where a trader supplied all the information the broker asked but they kept jumping from one demand to the other.
Please i want to know if i will receive my money back or i have been scammed????
I may be able to supply such information once my money gets to my bank account otherwise i will take a due course action"

Reply by Blueberry_Markets submitted Jul 8, 2019 Hi Male,

Thank you for your review, I'm sorry to hear that your experience with Blueberry Markets wasn't up to expectations. I can see you are still active with Blueberry Markets, we are grateful for your business.

To begin, both the withdrawal and the trade query has been resolved. If you aren't satisfied that this is the case, or if you had any other questions for me, please contact me directly by emailing me on

Blueberry Markets is authorised to provide a financial service under EightCap. This allows Blueberry to focus on account management, a natural strong suit of myself and my team.

Unfortunately, in this case, what is traditionally our strength was not the case which was caused by a break down in communication which I take full responsibility for.

In summary, we have been explicitly directed by our merchant to source deposit receipts/card statements when a withdrawal isn't processed as expected. It's a change that has occurred only recently which is to the frustration of Blueberry and our clients due to a slower withdrawal time but ensures that all deposits and withdrawal are correctly reconciled.

As for your trade query, an explanation was provided highlighting that Sell trades run on the Ask price. I apologise that this wasn't communicated earlier but I appreciate the constructive feedback which will allow us to improve our offering.

Finally, the confusion around Sebastian's title is bourne from his recent promotion to Head of Client Experience at Blueberry Markets. This is something I am extremely proud to communicate as Sebastian has only been employed at Blueberry for just over a year and due to his excellent communication and attention to detail, he was promoted to a management role.

I look forward to you potentially giving Blueberry Markets a second chance by continuing to trade with us. If that is on the case, I wish you all the best with your trading in the future.

Kind regards,
Dean Hyde - Managing Director of Blueberry Markets

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Dar es salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of,
Apr 12, 2018,
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For almost 2days I have had issues with my MT4 not being able to run up and it seems I confused the app with double clicking, I spent almost a full day downloading and trying to install but without any success. I got frustrated about not being able to access the platform through the PC since I already have the app on the phone. I run a virtual machine(windows parallel) on my MacBook. I contacted support and in less than 10mins after connecting remotely through team viewer the issue was sorted out without going back and forth like other customer supports can do to increase frustration. The customer support at Tallinex is done by professionals both in trading and IT section, I have almost 2-3months with them but I am already starting to recommend them to my colleagues because everything is a true STP.