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Suan Luang, Suan Luang, Thailand,
Jul 12, 2018,
Registered user

Cozy small community - no bulls*** sales people, just traders try to become better traders

My Username on the swingfish community is known as franky-sir-candledick, im normally not the person leaving reviews - however after finding this section here I feel the need of doing exactly that.
I'm a member on swingfish for 10 months or close to 10 months, I'm located in Thailand just like the admin and we found each other on the well known website trading view, where we instantly find connection because it happened to be we both are German too.
he invited me to swingfish and told me about the concept to be a more professional counterpart to most boards forums or chats out there are mostly not really helping the learning curve but is more of a "I'm better than you" ranting space.
Those days swingfish was still small with just a few hundred members, within the 10 months of being a member at swingfish community we saw people coming and leaving, mostly the people can't give you proper reasoning about a trading idea or just are there to post their trading results left because that's what i guess none of the members rarely do like to see.
But the majority of members came in and stayed - from very new, to medium advanced to real pro traders because the idea of sharing pain or technical ideas and discussion of those is what made us all increase in learning speed or even see things from a new perspective (at least that counts for me because i was really new to trading before i entered swingfish)
To me what i like at the community is that nobody try to sell you s*** signals or lesions or things alike, you also don't find the average "blind callers" but the majority is there just for getting feedback or sharing ideas / concepts of trading - or in other words, what you have is the essential stuff one need to become a better trader and learn faster.
one last thing about the previous comment. because i know the person well and i find it extremely unfair that he blames the entire community while we tried very very hard to make him be able to connect to us, he ranted on female members, behaved very arrogant and ignorant and knowing that he is a bit sick we tried for weeks out very best to integrate him into our community because he is a nice person deep inside , just lack the understanding of what's rude or offensive - especially myself spoke i think days with him personally to help him, and it's a bit sad to see that with all the help what i or also others get is a blame :(