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PTA, South Africa,
Aug 14, 2019,
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Ict is the Best

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Personally Michaels content is puzzle and that the pieces need to be placed in order to understand the content I going, to be frank, and honest I got kicked out of the Mentorship for sharing on social media Ah well enough about that but I was part of the second wave I did Ten Months of the content but still managed to get the rest Thus Far

Personally, I will not ridicule Michael cause everything I know is because of him and nothing else I still share even now cause I would rather see people get the content than come here and talk A whole lot BS about the content They just don't understand it or they didn't go through it and they cherry-picked what the wanted to get from his content and I guess if you are bitter about Tough luck but I can tell you its the best content out and I'm still rating it . regardless of how Michael acts at times that shouldn't hinder you from the success of the content so go into it and dig deeper it will be fruitful don't give up on it . some will say I have been brainwashed but the truth is the truth

the last Piece of help I can give is that steer past Michaels Obnoctiousness listen to what he is trying to get across XO has always been like this since 2009 even on baby pips and he generally likes the sound of his own voice but that should not hold you from success with his content as I will say again ARIGATO SENSEI (bare in mind English is not my tongue and I generally don't what you think about my context of words)

Mar 6, 2019 - 5 Stars I'm still saying, he is the Best Mentor out there and I'm not Sucking up or anything.
he is still holding out but for those who can't join his Mentorship due to it being cut off get the free material all of it there is a reason he deleted them the first time on his web site it's just That ,the Free stuff has info But they are limit to being Sugar Coated mentorship is just more refined. well as for taking other people to work and repacking it whoever you are, you are wrong many might think Larry Williams or Chris Lori's work is there and repackaged. that's not the case his work is light years ahead. all id like to say is ( Arigato sensei) and don't worry I'm not bitter.

Aug 17, 2018 - No Rating Now here is that truth I have been is the mentorship when it opened up again this Year , This mentorship is by far what I was hoping Being from the free content the concepts in the mentorship whipped the mud off my eyes and it start to be clearer than the content ICT shared to Public For free

I think that this mentorship is Great and I have found the fruits Within it to be of
Class Grade A. Now I have always been Vivid fan of ICT even Prior to the mentorship.
Now to Finanly Get a chance to be Taught By this Amazing Genius Has Changed My life around. I mean Many Want to Whine and Cry and Feel the Need to Held by the Arm and complaining that Micheal is Not a Good Mentor, Well I beg to Differ
and it is Through his Lack of ability to Spoon Feed that I actually Became Great In
Understanding What He actually Wanted Me To Grasp.
The Only way That You Are Going To get These Concepts Is by not trying to Michael
and ask yourself Questions, as to Why he says a particular things Or do a particular things in the Mentorship.

well that What I did I have been consistent in My trades ever since Cause I unraveled the Why and just trying to Mimic the man at every thing he Does
I would recommend that you Think out of the Box in approaching his Mentorship
and I am living Proof Of that.

Now Finally @ trader 101 I accept your A challenge to proof that you can get Consistency Through Michael's Work For the Proof Please Check My Twitter Handle @Kabelomalatjie2 to see the consistency

and the Funny thing about this is that I have been in the mentorship in a lesser period than you have. Which Makes me wonder (sorry but I have to say this) What f*** have you been doing all this Time.