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Northern England, United Kingdom,
Mar 19, 2019,
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Needs Bug Testing

Order execution eventualities are not properly tested. many glitches were found by various users including myself. such as vanishing stop-loss which apparently they fixed/will fix, but there are still unfixed vulnerabilities that I am aware of.

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Northern England, United Kingdom,
Mar 19, 2019,
Registered user

Case Resolved

Add this in the end:

i.gyazo com / 723aa6a06b3d5f988cfb9b0c1de41894.png
i.gyazo com / 32e318a6a7400df066028ebe562fc15f.png

Refund and £2.5k has been paid, case is officially resolved.

They said this glitch fix will be implemented soon

Mar 4, 2019 - 1 Star I had a Stop loss set on GBPUSD Long and when it was supposed to hit the stop the stop automatically cancelled itself 10 milliseconds after the price went below my stop.
The market wasn't making any big moves during that time at all.
The following day I woke up to having around £200 in equity instead of having around £5000

As highlighted in the screenshot above I was getting Smart-Stop outs which were modifying the Stop-Loss every time Smart-Stop out was triggered, It wasn't done by me or any bots, but rather that's what was being done automatically by their internal operations.

But as soon as price fell below my stop it removed and ignored my Stop. (which shouldn't be possible as you can't cancel a stop loss once the price has went below it), to further prove my point I did not use any opposite side or double tick stop loss, but the default one.

Also confirmed by my log that I have set my stop and never removed it:

I contacted them and explained the whole situation, and they had the nerve to link me to "what is a stop loss is" as if I have no clue what it is... yes I do and you cancelled it.:

Then I sent this reply, (showing key points I made):

Their last reply:

I think its a glitch on their end, but you never know if they remove stops on purpose, that's why this is totally unacceptable.

Thanks for reading!

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