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Mar 9, 2019,
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Decide For Yourself

I read lots of negative stuff about this person before I even dug into his free material. To be quite honest......I decided to be purposefully naive and spend tons of hours learning what he so generously made available to us.

You see........I didn't care what masses of failed traders said about him. I decided to form my own opinion based on my hard work and application of what was presented to me.

I've seen many say his free material cannot make you profitable. I've found the truth to be the exact opposite of that.

I'm new to his mentorship program. I've already learned something of immense importance that will help me screen out lower probability trades. (3 nuggets actually).

I'm in no way affiliated with marketing for this program. It's also pretty clear King ICT isn't interested in mass marketing his program either. Logic says he doesn't really need my $$.

The generosity to share the results of his struggles (which he's stated have caused family and health issues) is a precise example of why I'm so grateful to be studying with him as my teacher. The guy has 20+ years of effort into learning to interact with the markets. He didn't quit. I won't either.

Mr. Huddleston, in my view, is a blatant example of generosity with respect to sharing information with aspiring professional traders.

I must admit I'm befuddled with the level of hate this person receives lol. Perhaps it's because he "let's his ego snap" on a social media account? I could care less about how others perceive his ego. I'm interested in one thing.........that being material that I can achieve positive results from. It's real. It's legit.

I'll close saying this: If you are willing to do the required work.......yes REQUIRED LONG HOURS OF that will push you to the precipice of tears and that will challenge all that you are.....................If you are willing to do this work..........your rewards will transcend the $$ that by all definitions of success MUST follow.

Good luck folks! And remember........don't ever let anyone make your decisions for you. You have a brilliant mind. Use it and gain insight as to why the most successful people around the world all have one thing in common.............they don't EVER QUIT. NEVER. EVER! :)
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