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London, United Kingdom,
Jul 24, 2019,
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CryptoAll Day.com Scam

Service use: Other

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I have been training as FX currency trader at Learn to trade in Chelsea. A lady who is also training, introduced me and a number of trainees in our group to a man called Michael Green from CryptoAllday. He works as a professional crypto currency trader.

She introduced him as an excellent Crypto trader. She used her phone to call Michael and asked him talk to me about his company. He explained to me how he would be able to help me make quick and massive profit on investing in crypto through their company. After having spoken to the trainees who have already invested in Michael’s company, I have decided to invest into his company without making any checks on his company. I lost my guards because he was introduced to me by one of us on the course.

All these started on 30th December 2018, when I got registered with my personal details and a copy of my ID. Michael Green sent me a reference number to transfer money into their wallet. I did it but I transferred only £2.00 into the wallet from my Santander account.

Later on, Michael called me to advise me to invest a minimum of £5000.00. Then on 4th February 2019, I made an investment of £5000.00 into their account through another bank transfer from my Santander account. The investment had a profit of more than £2000.00 from the date of investment to the end of February.

Michael Green called me and informed me about the profit made and asked to invest more in order to gain more and rapid profit. I told him that I didn't have any money to invest. He said he would help me get the money. Firstly, he asked me if I had any savings or pension. I replied no. He then said that we can borrow money from my bank and I will be able to pay it that back in less than a year.

He then asked me to go into my account, which I did and he asked me to download an application called Any Desk, which I also did. He then had access to my HSBC account and literally used my screen to apply for £15000.00 loan, which I transferred into my Santander account. He provided me again with a new Ref code that I used to transfer the money into their wallet on 26th March 2019. I questioned him about the risk management of my investment. He ensured me that he is a professional and their company has an excellent risk management policy and cannot blow up an account.

On 26th June, to my surprised, I realised that the balance on my account dropped down to £0.50. I called Michael Green to explain to me what was going on but he didn't reply. I sent him an email, he still didn't reply. However, he called me the following day with a hidden number and told me that he traded with a high exposure and he lost all my money.
All my friends including the lady who introduced Michael to us also lost all their money at the same time.

He told me that I should forget about what happened and re invest for him to recover the loss. He promised that the company will match any amount invested so as to recover the loss quickly.

I told him that I could invest £2500.00 and see his company match it so as to restart trading for me. He refused and told me that the minimum amount of money I could invest is £5000.00.
From that time, he uses whatsApp and hidden number to call me. He forgot to hide the number once and called me with this number: 020 38078563 and then this one: +41 225000866.

I asked him if we could meet him but he said no. He explained that it was their company policy not to meet clients physically. He confirmed that their office is in London.

He ensured me that he would help me borrow money from my bank again. He once again used the Application: AnyDesk to apply for £9900.00 from my HSBC account. Unfortunately, the bank declined. He asked me to use another bank account or my credit cards. At this point I was convinced that the company was a scam.