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Madrid, Spain,
Feb 3, 2020,
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Sharing my first withdrawal with FTMO!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Would like to share my experience with FTMO, after recieving the first withdrawal!!

Since the day I have started using there prop services all has gone as expected!! After meeting all the requirements I passed to a founded account.

Withdrawal was really fast and also received the refund of the subscription fee.
Same day arrival for the funds. Also client service is really fast that can help you out in case you have any doubts.

So if helps or clear anyones doubts on FTMO
In my case all has gone really good !

Now time to work on second withdrawal and also might hire a second account and start again the challenge, as they allow to grow up accounts till 300k which is a perfect amount of funds to trade without risking your own capital ( most important of all)

Good luck in your trading journey !
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