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California, USA,
Mar 14, 2020,
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FTMO - Upgraded to 5 Stars Prop Firm!

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

My previous reviews were not accurate by miss understood. FTMO LMAX has a month old and the market recently was volatility. Very common issues that platform had technical issues and their staffs we’re working hard to help trader including me. My case had little delayed and I got help right after posted the reviews. Everything was satisfied for what I asked for. But I could not edit (no option to delete or withdraw the review or I don’t know how, I did email to request for the withdrawal the review). So I am re-posting the review on FTMO Firm. 100% you are 5 stars and highly recommended for serious traders to trade for FTMO. Legit Prop Firm!

Mar 11, 2020 - 1 Star Be careful when you pay for FTMO challenge, it is too good to be true. Before their own platform LMAX, we couldn’t know they set their MetriX software to hunter your max daily loss by not updating. And LMAX is not allowed traders to close orders and you see a lot of ghosts orders in your trading account with aggressively loss. This is perfect combination Then you fail they get your money (this is a model of business how they make money, not making money by sharing profits from trading). They knew that but they don’t seriously take care problems or change broker for you ( it is “you take it then you have to live with it “). So be careful, I am going to dispute the money as: “item as not described”. Horrible platform FTMO LMAX