1. K

    Problem OCTA FX stop loss hit when stock split

    I was using OCTA FX for trading the past 2 years. Ticker AVGO.NAS open with a stock split on the 15th July 2024. Price of AVGO went from 1714.06 to 169.67 based on a stock split. However, OCTA FX system record that as a deduction of price instead Based on my calculation the contract size...
  2. K

    OCTA FX & Metatrader System Error

    On the 15th July 2024, AVGO.NAS did a 10-1 stock split. In all honestly, I feel stock split are so common and that OCTA and Metatrader should already have a system in place to navigate through this. Unfortunately, imagine my horror when I open my account and saw 10 of my trades closed up for...
  3. P

    Problem I have issue problem and delay from Octafx

    @OctaFX Rep hi pep i have issue problem and delay from octafx too .5 day widhraw not yet finish can you help me please 24487813 number ticket W15747640


    Status is shown as processed but money is not credited. I followed up with each OctaFX representative and I got the same message that their finance team is looking into the matter. Requested a bank statement, and I have sent it. No other progress or updates. even the withdrawal was...
  5. M

    Resolved: Octafx Withdrawal Delays

    I am a customer with Octafx with two accounts numbers 4050829 and 63171987. I made withdrawals on account number 63171987 with request ID number W15479247 on the 18th of June 2024 and another one with request ID number W15496643 on the 20th of June 2024 for which they are all pending...
  6. T

    Problem Octafx not processing my withdrawal - No clear explanations on status

    I have been seeing octaFX being advertised by many celebrities and influencers in Singapore. But now I am seeing similarities in how my withdrawal requests are being responded to, as compared to other OctaFX posts here. I do understand that withdrawal may take some time but the answers about...
  7. geri ginanjar


    Ternyata setelah saya gabung forum ini saya beberapa kali menemukan hal yang sama, yaitu mengalami kendala saat pengambilan dana di octa fx. Yang saya alami adalah, Saya sudah berkali2 saya melakukan pengajuan dana sejak tanggal 19 Juni 2024 s/d tgl 21 Juni 2024. Setelah saya hubungi CS...
  8. M

    Resolved: Deposit using USDT (ERC20) almost 24hrs

    Deposit using USDT (ERC20) for almost 24hrs has passed and my deposit still not in. Website customer kept telling me to wait for email but non so far as to update me on the matter. Previous deposit was done within mins which was why i have decided to deposit more to upgrade to Gold Status. Kinda...
  9. M

    Problem OCTA Fx Purposefully delaying my withdrawal.

    Hello, This is my 3rd day since my withdrawal request(Withdrawal ID: 122049415). The only answer I get when I reach out to customer care is ‘Our finance team is working on it.’, this seems to be a huge scam because there is literally no progress in my issue. Apparently OCTA has scammed...
  10. Dimas Putra

    Problem Saya tidak bisa melakukan penarikan dana di octa FX

    Saya tidak bisa melakukan penarikan dana di octa FX , sampai saat ini saya sudah kirim email dan statement bank (pdf) tapi belum juga sukses witdrawnya
  11. pankajpiou

    Problem octa fx scam

    i am having a account under octa fx and when i go to make withdrawal they started to demanded me my bank statement and i still waiting from last 2 days for withdrawal and thier coustomer support say to wait for sometime our finance team is reveiwing your payment detail and want to know if thier...
  12. H

    Resolved: Octafx problem

    I had done a deposit in Octafx 3 days ago through UPI option but before filling the UTR number, the app get crash and again I do an deposit a new receiver comes. So right after I contacted with octa customer service and they said wait for 24 hours bcs it's an automated system. So I did wait...
  13. fxabhi

    Problem SCAMMER OCTAfx

    Octa fx scamming people not adding my deposit money and from last 7 days they are saying it will be added soon ..they don't have a customer care
  14. F

    Problem My Octa Fx statements show that they owe me money and they refuse to pay.

    I had a recent complaint about Octa Fx here and they quickly reinstated my account after they realized that they violated their own rules and the client agreement. Now they have closed my account and wiped out my open trades based on an incorrect assertion that my equity balance was less than...
  15. jpbansal

    Problem octafx mt4 account hacked, i lost 4947 dollars

    ttoday morning that is march 13 2024 , after 11:30 am ist , in my mt4 account automatically trades started opening of BTCUSD with high volume lots , i tried closing some but still they were continously opening , and then after few mins all my previous trades which were there in my account all...
  16. C

    Problem OctaFx withdrawal not credited..been 12 days now.

    Hello, I have created a withdrawal request(ID - W14128480) on 29th february, 2024. It shows processed on 1st march, 2024 and the money is still not credited. I have been following up on it daily since last Thursday and providing my bank statements on a daily basis. The bank details are also...
  17. H

    Problem OCTAFX SCAM

    OCTAFX SCAM OCTAFX is involved in Fraudulent activity, as OCTAFX was ok when i was loosing funds in trading but when i try to claim prize lots which i earned for trading OCTAFX don't allow that. OCTAFX support refuse to solve issue and its clearly a OCTAFX SCAM
  18. F

    Resolved: Octa Fx unilateral changing partial closes

    This is a matter where Octa Fx.com unilaterally changed/Interfered with my partial close order execution without my permission to wipe out my live account. The account is not even 1 month old and although I also trade live accounts at two other brokers I have used the same partial close of...
  19. T

    Abandoned - Withdrawal issues with Octa

    Attaching my withdrawal and internal transfer and have been getting rejected due to octafx claiming that there are suspicious activity. My account is solely managed by me. I've been asking them for clarifications that they required yet it's not shared. Customer service just keep saying one...
  20. melvinlee05


    Hello, I have been using OctaFx for more than 3 years and have been actively trading using your broker platform. However, around 6:30 am (+8GMT) on 18/11/20233, I tried to log on to my account on Metatrader to set SL for all my shorting positions for ETHUSD, but I was unable to do that for my...