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Problem Techberry online - can't withdraw

I am having an issue with a company
I have almost issues with Techberry too. Account suspended and no longer have access. No one reply emails for two months. Thanks for confirming the experience!

Tmilfx - did you try to recover the investment through a third party company or regulatory body?
Your post is actually the first one that I saw that’s negative on Techberry. Since I had issue with them from March, I thought I would see many similar experience online but that’s not the case. So tour confirmation is very helpful. I will look into Trustpilot.

I saw your reported them to Australian authority, but I am not Australian. Do you know which country Techberry is registered? I am thinking to take similar actions as yours.
You could try reporting to the FBI in the USA, l am. Techberry say their head office is in Munich Germany so l will be filing a report with Bavarian police as well.
I think most countries now have a cybercrime department in their National police so try that as well.
Be aware if you post a negative comment on trustpilot and they can identify you they will terminate your account if you do not remove it. That’s what happened to me. That is also probably why you don’t see any negative reviews other than mine.
I refused to take it down, my account was deactivated and despite 2 emails from myself, l have not received any correspondence since, nor any of my deposit or trading profits. Not a cent.
Again l offer my extremely negative experience with techberry as information to be considered by anyone thinking of sending money to techberry.
I never thought this would happen to me - it was always the other guy. But it has.
You are right. They are still operating and I can imagine they will try to erase all negative reviews to lure more people.

I am also trying to find a recovery service. But so far, it is all scam. Scams people who already got scammed. How sad.

If you come across any legit recovery service. Please do share. Thanks
I am also trying to find a recovery service. But so far, it is all scam. Scams people who already got scammed. How sad.
why dont you first post a new thread here with your issue (start a new problem thread)

Attach all of your evidence there. This is a great place to start getting some help; even see if the case is worth pursuing.

Since having the above reports lodged with the Australian financial authorities, Techberry have closed their Australian office.
When I search here in Germany for Techberry online , there is no result for this company
Abweichendes Suchergebnis!
Für Techberry online in München konnte leider kein exakt passender Eintrag ermittelt werden"