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Problem Uobe FX - I paid fees and still can't get my withdrawal

I am having an issue with a company
Hello everyone I have the same problem. I was scammed by a woman who is the owner of ubsarov fx6, who took her personal photos, and I even want to bring her to justice. I have a clue and the conversation is on WhatsApp.
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Hello. I have an issue with uobefx.com.
I met a guy on Tinder end of June who stated that he is working in currency market strategies. He recommended after some time that he could teach me how to correctly trade with gold and forex on the UOBE FX platform. (uobefx.com/index.html). I have also downloaded AI Trader 7 Hub to my phone, in inserted there UOBE FX.

It is not a first time for me that I traded with forex or commodities and when he stated that now is a good time to invest in gold, I agreed to trade.

I have invested cca 30000 USDT. This invested amount generated profit over 193000 USDT but now I cannot withdraw any money:

First, UOBE FX claimed that there was some third party fund that raises suspicion of being involved in money laundering so I had to pay security deposit of 39000 USDT

Next they said I had to pay taxes of 20%. I refused it first saying that it is my responsibility as a trader to pay taxes, not them and if they really need to withhold taxes on my behalf, they should deduct it from my account. They refused saying that I need to deposit money to pay the taxes. The guy also said that he paid taxes himself on the platform. So I paid tax of cca 33000 USDT (17000 USDT represents my money and the rest -15620 USDT was provided by the guy since I did not have any money left).

Afterwards, they said my wallet shows some abnormality and I need to apply for encrypted security certificate which costs 2000 USDT. My walltet is safe and works without any problem. When I suggested they deposit money to my bank account or to other wallet, they refused and said they cannot cancel withdrawal. I made the payment of 2000USDT to purchase this security certificate plus pay additional risk deposit of 6400USDT (the 2900 USDT was paid by the guy, the rest is my own money). Now they are claiming that I need to pay fine of 7888USDT because I used some loopholes in the system to create profit which is ridiculous. I did not use any loopholes, and were not involved in any money laundering.

I have pending withdrawal of 100.000 USDT since 3.8. which they are refusing to make and additional 138000USDT on the account which I also cannot withdraw. I want just to get my own investment back.
Hello have you been able to solve the issue?
I would like to know because I had a similar experience but it got resolved