Vantagemarkets evidence regarding their fraud

Below you will find my monthly statements as the company emailed them to me.
Thank you.
so why cant you generate them yourself? Are you locked out of the platform?

And the statements are not showing the positions section properly, which is the most important. this section will clearly show you the entry and exit. See this screenshot.

fpa mt5 account statement show all columns.png

Also remember to select All History as shown in the tutorial video.
Ok guys, here is the full account statements. You can see how much better things look.

I think there were a couple of trades that were 1-3 minutes in length, which is still legitimate. The rest were several hours or longer.

I don't see what @Vantage FX problem is. How is Vantage justifying the denial of account withdrawals and just deleting profits with a cash adjustment.
fpa_Georgiosst.- withdrawal history vantage markets.png

Perhaps they can come to the forum and offer a proper explanation.


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O.M.G ! looks like “ Abusive Winning’s ……the Broker must update their T/C’s to prevent further clients stealing company funds !

oh well and CAC 40 trades show “ Insider Trading of course….and who knows the coming BS!

ok i ll try do it again

George ! Excellent Trading and keep standing up no kneeling deals, never ;)