preserve mt4/mt5 account trade history statements part 1...


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Estimated read time: 12-15 min. Estimated money and stress savings: your original deposits + profits - withdrawals.

One of the most important pieces of evidence to maintain is the full account trade history. This history includes rows of trades such that each row has the order/ticket number, date/time stamp (seconds/milliseconds) of entry and exit, order lot size, attached stop loss/take profit, commissions, swaps, et. al. for each trade. The row scan be sorted in chronological order.

You might be thinking "Why generate my own trading history?" Keep your own records. Don't rely solely on the brokers server to store the records. They could revise the history....even delete the records as several victims on FPA have experienced. It is 100% in your best interest to keep your own copies. Unlike the journal log and experts log, the account trade history html (or xml) is not automatically saved locally. Therefore, you must manually export it.

These videos will show you how to self-generate this account statement in mt4 and mt5. But some important notes:
  • make sure you have "All History" showing. So that you always generate the complete account history. Do this now.
    • (mt5 only: make sure "Positions" is checked) See this video for deeper explanation between mt4 vs mt5 order history.
  • un-check "auto-arrange" This will allow you to customize the width of the columns to ensure all the columns show (especially important for screenshots or screen recording).
  • give the filename a unique name. Easiest to just add the account number and current date (time).
  • avoid shutting down or restarting your terminal. Generate the statement first while it is still in program memory. After you generate the history statement, you may then safely shut down/restart terminal.


To upload html or xml history statements, you must zip the file before attempting to attach it to your FPA thread.

Other platforms like cTrader should also have a similar setup to quickly export the trading/account history. The important thing is to remember to perform the history backups at regular intervals, such as:
  • I recommend at least once a week, usually while the markets close for the weekend.
  • immediately before an important transaction (large win, withdraw, deposit, credit, et. al.).
    • And then again immediately after the transaction is complete.
And make sure to assign a unique filename so you do not overwrite previous history. Just add the account number and date time stamp of the current time.​


Other ways to retrieve backups of your trading history:

1) You can also backup a copy remotely using a service like MyFxBook or FxBlue . They can login with investor password access and periodically copy your trading history. And you can customize the copy delay. This can be setup once and then it is done automatically.

2) email history. Most brokers will send emails to their live customers of the daily confirmation and/or monthly statement. This will occur shortly after rollover and around the 1st day of the following month, respectively.
  • In gmail, you would search for these two phrases:
    • monthly statement deposit/withdrawal
    • daily confirmation deposit/withdrawal

fpa email mt4 monthly statement search resultsexample.png

fpa email mt4 monthly statement sample.png


When you combine saving the account history with other powerful intelligence-gathering techniques such as continuous screen recording, then you are much less susceptible to deceptive practices. You maximize your ability to hold yourself and your broker accountable for their actions. Best wishes.
You are right. Some guys many years ago told me icmarkets 'revised' their history. I found it hard to believe but who knows?