withdrawal issue

  1. big navi

    Problem Tp global refused to provide withdrawal in India

    Guys never trade in to Tp global this guys are refusing to pay withdrawal in India they are just scam
  2. N

    Problem ICMARKETS doesn't pay me. It's been 3 days since I placed the withdrawal order but the withdrawal order is still not approved

    Tôi đã đặt lệnh rút tiền từ ICmarkets.com. Đã 3 ngày trôi qua và tôi vẫn chưa nhận được tiền của mình và họ nói với tôi rằng ICmarkets đang gặp sự cố và yêu cầu tôi tiếp tục chờ đợi, thật khó để chấp nhận một lý do như vậy.
  3. papaspike

    Problem IC Markets Problem When You Made Large Profits, They Won't Let You Withdraw Profits You Made

    Hi guys, i made 130k+ in a day. Tried to withdraw 4k then they emailed me informing that they need to review and they are encountering some technical issue. Check screenshots below. They get the 90k from my account just now.
  4. Badger88

    Problem ICMarkets Global withdrawal delay

    Hello guys. Did anyone tried to make a withdrawal from IC markets global this week? I try to get my money back, the withdrawal requests are being processed for more then 30hrs now. Support says there is a general problem on their end but i'm afraid i'm being scamed - today morning they said...
  5. N

    Problem Roboforex Withdrawal Issue

    Let me first start with this platform first worst customer service, you need to wait days to get response I wanted to withdraw my own money the funny part is that I get the receipt of withdrawal i can even post here and the ticket number as well anytime you text them they will tell you wait for...
  6. MrGekko

    Problem After withdrawing request Trade245 refused profit withdrawal and banned EVERY trader from my country

    I have been trading with them for a month. I have made one very small withdrawal first without any issue. After requesting a withdrawal of 1000 USD I got this email: (prnt.sc/c6z6EgRN0OAe) "Good Day Client We hope you are doing well. Trade245 is a product of RED PINE CAPITAL (PTY)LTD, an...
  7. Jychris98

    Problem OctaFX does not let me withdraw my profits!

    MT4 ID (OctaFx trading account number) : 22205704 Broker Name : OctaFX Server Name : OctaFx-Real9 OCTAFX BANNED MY ACCOUNT RIGHT AFTER I MADE PROFITS! I was trading with OctaFx for almost 2 years. I last week I was trading XNGUSD pair with OctaFx, and I made some profit of USD $ 28080.31...
  8. AhmedMo

    Resolved: ForexTime withdrawal taking much longer than it should.

    First, I'd like to thank FxMaster and FPA for helping others get their money back. While growing my account with FXTM, I used to withdraw a small amount of my profits like $5 to $16 and withdrawal never took more than 2 minutes to reach my PM wallet. Now I want to withdraw my entire balance of...
  9. W

    Resolved: Thinkmarkets.com scam , cannot withdraw 62EUR

    Here is the case. I deposited in 2021 52EUR and made some profits around 10EUR :) Now from 17 days they cannot process my withdrawal because i provided different bank account (I no longer use my old account). They say every day that they will push my case to finance department and bla bla bla ...
  10. Donald79

    Problem No withdrawal: Exness issue

    Hello, i've had lots of problem in withdrawing my money fromn exness. Number account 320676. Each time I ask to withdraw they ask me to make a new deposit adding severamente reasons,first time the real name authentication,then taxes payment,then to upgrade my account to an higher level. Is this...
  11. M


    HI everybody i hope your doing well im posting today regarding my issue with xm i deposit and trade and i made a profit and i request a withdrawal and they proceeded my withdrawal but they charged me 309 usd fees i request a withdrawal of 15460 and i received 15150.8 and i got this email...
  12. zafar_ali_777

    Problem 10tradefx.com is not giving me withdraw of my capital with profit

    Hi Respected @Administrator I Need Your Special Help Because 10tradefx is not giving me withdraw . I (Zafar Ali) recently traded a US share on 10 March 2023, but I'm not sure why Tentrade Support team thought that I was trading a gap. Tentrade broker provided high leverage for US shares...
  13. friendi

    Problem FXTM Delays My Withdrawal

    I am just a small trader who deposited USD1000 into FXTM account and traded for 1 month and earned $90. I made withdrawal with the amount of $1070+ and get delayed until now which has past 24 hours. I made another withdrawal with $18 and it was instantly processed and received on the spot as...
  14. abhinandanadike

    Problem I am not able to withdraw money from growline.org

    Dear Sir I am not able to withdraw money from growline.org They shut the website according to their whims and fancy and have broken my trust. I have a deposit of 24.23 USD with them. Please help me to get back my funds. Warm Regards and Thanks in advance.
  15. B

    Problem Withdraw issue exness

    i tired to exness but not responce exness my account no-11582498 i talk exness support more than 10 time but not resolve my problem .souuport team say as soon as possible .. same word in all time last 6 days …
  16. Costly

    Problem XM withdrawal delay

    I made a withdrawal of $400 from my XM account on the 20th of January 2023 and have not received the funds to date. I checked with my bank and after looking into it they said the funds never came through. I have contacted XM support and it has not yielded anything. They sent me a swift copy and...
  17. N

    Problem Plus500 - withdrawal problem

    Dear friends, I have issue with Plus500. Last night I've accumulated quite big amount through Bitcoin options. I wanted to withdraw part of money today, but I noticed that withdrawal options are blocked. I contacted with customer service as suggested, they said that my account need veryfication...
  18. CrisVenger

    Problem I cant withdraw my money from TradeDu. They work through Go world Trading.

    The Company Go world Trading also known as global trading capital, Made me sent a lot of money, and they dont want to give ir back to me. I already change both passwords the investing account in Metatrader4 and in the private cabinet in the web-page. I dont have oppened operations and I can see...
  19. Ramilton

    Problem Problem regarding antrush withdrawal

    I am unable to withdraw my funds from the Antrushfx.com website. They said I had to pay taxes. I paid a part, another part a friend of mine deposited for me. Now they are claiming that the account didn't pass the security check because I didn't make all the deposits, because one of the deposits...
  20. F

    Problem TheTradersDomain withdraw issues... anyone else??

    I'm still waiting on the funds for the withdraw request I did on November 7th and November 8th with TheTradersDomain. A total of 0.85431302 BTC (bitcoin). As of today, November 16th it still hasn't been processed. I'll check back tomorrow with an update.