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  1. C

    Problem Trive.com: Withdrawal Issues and Unresponsiveness - Urgent Caution

    Hi everyone, I've encountered a serious issue with Trive.com (Trive Financial Services Malta Limited) where my withdrawal request of around 10K has been ignored for 8 days. Despite multiple follow-ups, they finally responded, denying my withdrawal due to "scalping" but haven't provided any...
  2. thewhiskypriest

    Resolved: OctaFX not Processing my Withdrawals - Not giving clear explanations on status of my withdrawals and funds

    I thought I'd lay this on record here, as I am seeing similarities in how my withdrawal requests are being responded to, as compared to other OctaFX posts here. I do understand that it could be that it is short time frame, but the "copy paste" answers about the finance department stilI...
  3. C

    Problem OctaFx withdrawal not credited..been 12 days now.

    Hello, I have created a withdrawal request(ID - W14128480) on 29th february, 2024. It shows processed on 1st march, 2024 and the money is still not credited. I have been following up on it daily since last Thursday and providing my bank statements on a daily basis. The bank details are also...
  4. C

    Problem Octa FX Withdrawal not Credited

    Hello The 1st of November 2023, I requested a withdrawal (W12784550) for the amount of 13,161 USD. The money was never credited to my account. I have contacted the Octa FX on multiple occasions via email and chat. Every time I contact them they ask me to send all my bank statements (which I...
  5. Areug

    Resolved: I can't withdraw my money from RoboForex

    Hi, i have deposited money on RoboForex 2 weeks ago and now i'd like to withdraw it and they won't let me. They're not trying to help either on a Customer Service level,, alll i'm getting are classic pre-typed replies. The only reason they're giving is that : Never have i seen or heard about...
  6. A

    Problem Instaforex withdrawal problems

    Instaforex withdrawal is annoying the duration of the withdrawal process does not match what is stated and is annoying. Every time you withdraw, either via local online withdrawal (to Indonesian bank) or Crypto wallet, it is always processed within the longest duration of the stated duration...
  7. A

    Resolved: Octafx withdraw issue

    Hello , Since weekend i’m trying to withdraw and it’s not complete even if it took 1 day. Now i made new withdraw from 17 hours and still not compete. I think the issue is if you make good trade you will not be able to withdraw. Request id: W13993061 @OctaFX Rep
  8. dchronos

    Resolved: Blueberry Markets withdrawal problem

    After a week of trying to make my withdrawal, I still don't have a clear position from Blueberry... On February 12th, I made a withdrawal request for 219 USD in the crypto trc20 transfer format (note that on the website it is specified that it takes 24 hours ). After 24 hours I opened a ticket...
  9. T

    Discuss Octa fx - placed withdrawal request on 9 Feb 2024 still money not credited.

    Hi, I placed a Withdrawal request in OctaFX on 9th Feb 2024. Status is showing as pending from past 6 hours but money not credited. I am following up OctaFX representative every day and I am getting same message that their financial team looking into the issue. There is no progress or any...
  10. angelhere28

    Problem Octafx withdrawal request delayed

    I have requested the withdrawal request on Friday on octafx and it is still pending.. I did withdraw earlier, it was fine.. same account I requested 160usd, earlier I withdrew more than that and was fine.. I did chat with representative but they just say our account representatives are looking...
  11. 6020wenwj

    Problem Blueberry Markets extremely slow withdrawal after regulation transition

    Hi fellow traders, I am using the platform for quite some time, and submitted withdrawal application before the so-called taken over from ACY on 27th Jan. And when the taken over happened, they said that I should submitted withdrawal again, but when I tried it, the client portal popped up a...
  12. S

    Problem I can't withdraw from BCR Bacera Co PTY LTD

    I got a problem with withdraw from BCR Bacera Co PTY LTD. I made an order and since 5th of January is pending review. Customer service is offline since then. I've send an email but no response. What else can I do?
  13. E

    Resolved: Can’t withdraw funds from FXTM

    I’m a Russian citizen, legally residing and working in Thailand for 25 years. Originally when I opened MT5 account my passport was verified so did my Thai Tax ID. But my resident docs were rejected (bills with my address). But Forex tok took 556 usd very easily. Before I start putting more...
  14. Damirbek

    Problem Withdraw problem.IC Markets

    Hello everybody . I have a withdrawal problem with IC Markets. I can't withdraw my deposit since 7 days. I have provided all the information they asked for and all my documents have been accepted. But every time I try to withdraw they are saying the same reason "You send us the bank statement"...
  15. T

    Problem Account (100752017) OctaFX - Placed withdrawal on request on 01/12/2024 for withdrawal request (W13533861). it says bank is under maintenance ?

    Hi, I placed a few withdraw transaction and its was rejected as they say that the card I used to deposit into Octa fix isn’t the card used and asked for evidence which I did. Their reply was the bank is under maintenance. If the bank is under maintenance why can I still deposit an additional...
  16. onlinetrader123

    Problem Not being able to withdraw my money from exness for over 3months now

    I have not been able to withdraw my money from exness for more than 3 months due to changing of my account number.
  17. B

    Problem LeonMarkets - Problems to withdraw money from that Platform and unethical behaviour

    I wanted to withdraw some of my profit from this platform through the website and I couldn't. I spoke to the customer support line on December 21, 2023 (I saved this text conversation, and I will send you upon your request) to protest against this situation and they told me that the named...
  18. L

    Resolved: Octafx withdrawal issues

    Attaching my withdrawal getting rejected due to octafx claiming that there are suspicious activity. My account is solely managed by me. I've been asking them for clarifications that they required yet it's not shared. Customer service just keep saying the same story over and over again...
  19. V

    Resolved: Problems withdrawaling money from octafx

    My withdrawal (W13318171) was started several days ago. It is marked as completed in the octafx website. But I have not received the money in my bitcoin wallet. The chat support keeps telling me that the financial department will email me. Now the I received several emails with very unclear...
  20. M

    Problem ATFXOTC.com - no withdraw of money allowed for various excuses (https://atfxotc.com)

    ATFXOTC is a scam that lures investors from dating sites (like Tinder) to WhatsApp and then asks individuals to download an app for trading (Here's an example: atfxotc.com/h5/#/pages/mine/register?invite_code=HUGAHN) As soon as investments made in small amounts, victims can withdraw money to...