1. fullertonmarkets

    Markets Are Sending Different Signals on Recovery

    When bond traders are questioning the strength of economy recovery, does this mean that USD/JPY tend to weaken? Stocks and bonds traders now lay out the different outlooks on the upcoming recovery, setting the tone for the Forex market that prices could continue to range in coming weeks. The...
  2. syamfx2020

    US new home sales strongly rebounded in May

    According to the census bureau of the US Department of Commerce, US new home sales strongly rebounded 16.6% in May to an annual rate of 676,000. The figure also came in 12.7% higher than in May 2019 reading. US Dollar slightly appreciated after better-than-expected economic data.
  3. syamfx2020

    Covid-19 Second Wave: What does it mean to the economy?

    vid "We never made it out of the first wave," said Dr David Weber, medical director of hospital epidemiology at the University of North Carolina Medical Center. "A second wave implies that the first wave has disappeared and reappeared," said Loren Lipworth, an epidemiologist at Vanderbilt...
  4. A

    CmC Markets - question regarding WTI-Cash (West Texas Oil contract)

    i found a WTI-Cash contract on cmc markets broker, also trading around $11.09, live chat with them but after more than an hour, the representative did not reply, i assumed he ignored my question, so i have no choice but create a thread here. Nymex Dec 2020 contract price is around $34, while...
  5. fullertonmarkets

    Short Sellers in The Stock Markets May Return

    Given increasing doubts on the recent stocks rally, sell USD/JPY at peak might be appropriate Short sellers have revived their wagers against the stock markets in recent weeks, taking their most aggressive positions in years. Bets against the SPDR S&P 500 Trust, the biggest exchange-traded...
  6. J

    Admiral Markets

    UNAlguien conoce el operador Admiral Markets, me podria alguien decir como son? Gracias.
  7. fullertonmarkets

    Markets Want More, Can You Deliver?

    Market confidence waned after the best week in decades, USD/JPY may continue to move lower US stock-index futures, global equities and oil prices fell after a roller-coaster ride last week that marked the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s biggest weekly gain since 1938. Monday’s decline came...
  8. 4

    Markets Not Random

    Long gbpusd at 1.17921, to at 1.1829. Stop at breakeven.
  9. Christina Ledger

    markets are crashing-time to buy?

    are the markets and stocks low enough to start buying or we wait it out a little longer?
  10. E

    fiscal pol

    does 4 billion dollars worth of fiscal injection into the market affect it positively or negatively?
  11. F

    Circle Markets is scam and it is in liquidations!!!

    Circle Markets is scam and it is in liquidations. No withdrawals are processed at all!!! Jeff McClean is trying to run with your money.
  12. AvaTrade CCare

    AvaTrade Announces a New Regulation Under Abu Dhabi Global Markets

    ABU DHABI, UAE, Feb 10th, 2020: AvaTrade, the leading forex and CFD broker, is proud to announce today the newest licenced company within the Ava Group – 'AvaTrade Middle East Ltd (FSPN 190018) – which will be regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets ('ADGM') Financial Regulatory Services...
  13. daniel smit

    Scammed by Coin Markets

    coin markets is a scam comp once you have dep they try to force more money out of you once you refuce they turn ugly they screem and swere at you and threaten not to pay back your money so you will lose everything on your acc i lost $827 be aware of Joe /Marek and Ben they are the main scammers...
  14. F


    Today at 06/012019 IC markets have executed my but stops 23.61usd above the market my other buy stop with 18.61 usd above my other buy stop 13.61usd my other buy stop 7.61usd and lar one 1.61usd. For example Gold market opened with gap at around 1561 and I had buy stop at 1562 but they executed...
  15. A is scam

    i opened an acoount with and after 3 months the closed my account and take all the money ,when i asked about the reasons of closing the account they told me that my documents is fake and after that they didn't answer me anymore although i opened accounts with alot of forex company by...
  16. F doesn't want to pay, says: off-market prices?

    Hi all, sorry for my English .. My case is that the 16th of December buy EUR / RUR, USA / RUR, and there was a grade rise in the market which wins € 300 € 2500 and now tells me that the market estava off the market .. it may be that someone could help me? First Email: 22 de...
  17. Trader1_NO (Safecap Investments Ltd)

    I opened an account at since I am an Norwegian citizen and seems trying to be among the more famous brokers trying to enter the Norwegian trading market. Others that have had advertising on television and trying to enter the market in 2015 includes IG, CMC and Plus500...
  18. F problem

    Hello there, I have opened an account with 3 weeks ago, after 1 week in have reached the minimum trading volume for the bonus ,so I was able theoretically to whitdraw the money,but I decided to deposit the minimum amount requiered,to trade some more,safely with no bonus schemes...
  19. S

    Started by

    Started by Horrible experience, I lost $.31,000/- for not funding my account. I had 2 sell positions of USDRUB, having total lot of 2.20. Ruble depreciated heavily on 30/10/2014. I was very well known in advance of the movement of USDRUB from some other web-sites. I got margin...
  20. C Fraud or Scam

    Testing Hi every1 at FPA, A very happy New Year to every1. Bye all