1. syamfx2020

    Daily Market Report - Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021

    December is here, mostly it’s a month of reflection and relaxing. And when it comes to trading the volatility in the markets is expected to be very low after the second half of the month due to less trading activity. So, these days you need to have the Patience to find the most probable trading...
  2. syamfx2020

    Global Markets weekly outlook

    Global markets sharp sell-off in the last Friday triggered by over a new wave of Coronavirus outbreak. This week would be critical in determining how the countries going to battle against the new variant. The WHO has also given the variant, B.1.1.529, the name of Omicron. On the other hand, one...
  3. syamfx2020

    Global Markets: Thanksgiving week outlook

    Global markets seem to be set for another week of panic over the spreading coronavirus. Meanwhile, trading volume is likely to be light after Wednesday as U.S. stock markets will be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving and open a half-day on Friday. The main event in the calendar for monetary...
  4. gmimarkets

    GMI Markets Daily Market Report - Friday, Oct 22, 2021: US Dollar Rises Thanks to Solid US Economic Data, Rise in US Bond Yields

    The US dollar climbed versus other major currencies on Thursday, overcoming previous losses, supported by strong US economic data and rising US bond yields. According to data released yesterday, the number of Americans submitting new unemployment claims fell to a 19-month low last week. In other...
  5. J

    Alguien a escuchado de Energy Markets

    Buenas tardes. ENERGY MARKETS. Con este corredor estuve invirtiendo en su plataforma y al requerir hacer retiros me solicitaba depositar dinero para poder realizarlos, asi lo hice y nunca pude retirar. Hasta que dejaron de contestarme y me bloquearon mi cuenta de la plataforma. tiempo después...
  6. I

    Resolved: IC Markets thinks 20pips spread on EURUSD is perfectly OK

    I considered IC Markets as a fair and trustworthy broker until a scam event I experienced on EURUSD trade. In a perfectly calm market, they teleported the price right above my SL with unbelievable spread of... wait for it... 20 pips. I really recommend you all to look at the screenshots so...
  7. syamfx2020

    DAILY MARKET REPORT - Friday, July 16, 2021

    Worldwide, more than 188.3 million people have been confirmed infected and more than 4.06 million have died. The United States has confirmed over 33.9 million cases and has had more than 608,000 deaths from COVID-19, the highest totals in the world. On Thursday, the World Health Organization...
  8. syamfx2020

    Forex market today

    EURUSD slipped to the key support 1.2240 after weaker-than-expected Eurozone economic data while Dollar index rebounded back to near the weekly highs. Moving ahead to the North American session, the important economic data to watch: US – Jobless claims: GMT – 13.30 US –Services PMI: GMT – 15.00
  9. JayJones

    US Election will this affect the markets?

    How will Joe Biden winning affect the Forex and the Crypto markets?
  10. BDSwiss

    BDSwiss Q4 2020 Market Outlook: What Will Shake the Forex and Stock Markets?

    Financial services group of companies BDSwiss Group has recently published its Q4 2020 Quarterly Market Outlook for global markets. Covering a range of markets from forex to stocks, metals and indices, the report touches on several central macro themes that are set to impact client portfolios in...
  11. syamfx2020

    European markets under pressure after spike in Covid-19 cases

    European equities and Euro remained under pressure as several European countries reintroducing fresh lockdowns. The EUR/USD slips to a new monthly low of 1.1730 on Monday and German DAX30 witnessed the largest daily loss since June 11th. The new Coronavirus cases across Europe and the UK now...
  12. syamfx2020

    Markets to be less predictable if Biden wins

    The stock markets usually widely fluctuate as soon as the election results are published. The main question here in case Democrat leader Joe Biden elected is how the financial markets will react. The market participants believe that it will be negative for the stock market mainly because Biden...
  13. fullertonmarkets

    Markets Are Sending Different Signals on Recovery

    When bond traders are questioning the strength of economy recovery, does this mean that USD/JPY tend to weaken? Stocks and bonds traders now lay out the different outlooks on the upcoming recovery, setting the tone for the Forex market that prices could continue to range in coming weeks. The...
  14. syamfx2020

    US new home sales strongly rebounded in May

    According to the census bureau of the US Department of Commerce, US new home sales strongly rebounded 16.6% in May to an annual rate of 676,000. The figure also came in 12.7% higher than in May 2019 reading. US Dollar slightly appreciated after better-than-expected economic data.
  15. syamfx2020

    Covid-19 Second Wave: What does it mean to the economy?

    vid "We never made it out of the first wave," said Dr David Weber, medical director of hospital epidemiology at the University of North Carolina Medical Center. "A second wave implies that the first wave has disappeared and reappeared," said Loren Lipworth, an epidemiologist at Vanderbilt...
  16. A

    CmC Markets - question regarding WTI-Cash (West Texas Oil contract)

    i found a WTI-Cash contract on cmc markets broker, also trading around $11.09, live chat with them but after more than an hour, the representative did not reply, i assumed he ignored my question, so i have no choice but create a thread here. Nymex Dec 2020 contract price is around $34, while...
  17. fullertonmarkets

    Short Sellers in The Stock Markets May Return

    Given increasing doubts on the recent stocks rally, sell USD/JPY at peak might be appropriate Short sellers have revived their wagers against the stock markets in recent weeks, taking their most aggressive positions in years. Bets against the SPDR S&P 500 Trust, the biggest exchange-traded...
  18. J

    Admiral Markets

    UNAlguien conoce el operador Admiral Markets, me podria alguien decir como son? Gracias.
  19. fullertonmarkets

    Markets Want More, Can You Deliver?

    Market confidence waned after the best week in decades, USD/JPY may continue to move lower US stock-index futures, global equities and oil prices fell after a roller-coaster ride last week that marked the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s biggest weekly gain since 1938. Monday’s decline came...
  20. Christina Ledger

    markets are crashing-time to buy?

    are the markets and stocks low enough to start buying or we wait it out a little longer?