What happens if a company offers compensation for reviews?

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What happens if a company offers payment or other compensation for reviews or forums posts?

Offering payment or other compensation for reviews is against FPA policy, is unethical, and is against the law in many countries, including the USA. Some countries permit such endorsements if the compensation is clearly disclosed.

Any opinion given in a compensated review may be tainted by compensation, Because of this, the FPA bans such reviews even if the compensation is disclosed.

If the FPA gets evidence of compensated reviews, those reviews will be set to Zero stars. Where appropriate, the FPA will submit evidence to the US FTC or its equivalents in other countries.

Please note that this policy also applies to companies offering compensation for negative reviews of competitors. If this happens and the company paying for the reviews can be identified, the reviews will be set to zero stars and moved to the page of the company which payed for them.

Politely requesting an honest review from a client who has no conflicts of interest is permitted, as long as there is no compensation involved.

If you have been offered any sort of compensation to submit a review, please report it using the form below. Compensation includes cash, bonuses, free products, or anything else which may be used to encourage a reviewer to submit a review.

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