FPA Articles Guidelines

FPA Articles Guidelines

Revision of 06.11.2024

Topic. FPA is aimed at traders and investors interested in Forex, Stock, Crypto and other trading markets; economic and political events, industry news and happenings. We do not publish articles irrelevant to the FPA site theme.

Value and Originality. We are looking for articles providing original interesting information, research, or analysis that is beyond obvious.

Trust and Expertise. Content must be presented in a way that makes readers want to trust it. Clear sourcing, evidence of the author's expertise in the topic, and no verifiable factual errors are the common factors of trust.

AI assisted writing. Rapid development of AI technologies lead to increased content abuse and stricter google spam policies. We are committed to the highest content standards and only accept overall human articles; AI assistance of over 10% can’t be accepted.

Technical Aspects.

1. Word count. Research shows that best ranked with the Search Engines content has a length of 2000- 2300 words. It’s a good mark to keep in mind while working on your content. If the article is too short, there is a chance that it does not sufficiently cover the topic; and if it is overwhelmingly long then it would be better to split it into several well covered topics.

2. Content structure:

  • Structure your content with subheadings
  • Break your content into small paragraphs focused on a single idea or concept (3-5 sentences or about 42 words)
  • Use lists if applicable

3. External citation of facts, statistics, studies, the point of view of experts and general supporting information is extremely important for the article credibility.

4. Use of relevant images is strongly recommended.

5. Include Text and Image for Author Profile. Author Profile includes 97x97 avatar and 1-3 paragraphs of arbitrary text about the author and/or service and will be displayed below the article:

Linking to your service.

1. Within the article body we give you an opportunity to put up to 3 links to your resource:

  • Prepared by section at the beginning of the article. Example: Written by John Doe, analyst of ZYX forex service
  • You can put another 1-2 contextual, image, or branded links in the text of the article, but such links must be relevant

2. Additional link to your service can be included within Author Profile.


1. Plagiarized content is not permitted, this includes spun, translated, and AI generated content. Every effort will be made to check content originality prior to publication. We also run periodic originality re-scans for already published content and promptly remove offending materials. 
2. When submitting an article, you must include the sources of all included images.

Remember, text or image theft is a crime and as content creator you are legally liable for your submission.

Other terms.

Unless otherwise agreed on in advance: 
1. Our editors may add one or more links to relevant items inside the ForexPeaceArmy.com website. 
2. Articles and the external links in them will remain on display for a minimum of 6 months provided that the linked materials are still online and articles pass periodic checks described in a Legal section above.
3. After 6 months, the FPA may delete or modify the article in any way it sees fit.

Helpful tools.

1. https://www.copyscape.com/- Plagiarism Detection Tool

2. https://copyleaks.com/- Plagiarism and AI Detection Tool

3. https://originality.ai/- Plagiarism and AI Detection Tool