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  • hi pat, how have you been doing? trading ok? as for me, i am finally settling down after 3 months of chaos. started trading seriously again this week. also, will discontinue my triantus email account. if you wanna email me, then use system.level.5@gmail.com.

    just got up (SAT PM) and responded to ur post on the board.... been a long beer and whiskey fueled night last night. ;) awful week, trading completely off most days. weird how some days everything u touch turns to ****, and some days turns to gold. never understood that. cheers.
    thanks. looks good. how have you been? still with the same broker? i was toying with the idea of starting futures trading, but... FX seems to involve much less headache as long as the broker is not a total crook (considering that there isn't that much more guarantees for futures, regardless of trading on an exchange and regulations, cf. MF Global and PFG).

    it's hard to find a good broker actually and in that sense going with a futures broker is way more straightforward in that sense. but the mechanics of trading are more tricky, i think due to the time component of expiration and liquidity constraints. for starters, there is no e/j contract, which is the pair i specialize in.

    anyway, hope all is well.
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