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    Losses are part of trading

    I hate it when I see people claiming that losses aren't part of the process and that they are 100% accurate. So many lap it up too! Pure scammers.
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    New Here

    Yeah all for seeing verifiable performance!
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    First steps on trading

    Learn how to be patient, educate all the time and don't rush trying to make money as it will be wreck your account.
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    Is it possible to be making JUST $200 per week without risking too much per trade

    As stated so many variables, bank size, appropriate risk management being used or not, type of trading you do etc. Also agree with looking at the % gain as well as you consider risk as a % so stands to reason you should with P/L too.
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    400 Posts <3

    Not far off 500 now!
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    How do you handle your losses?

    Treat them as expenses and try to learn from them as such. Can't avoid them so turn them into a positive.
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    Thoughts on Binary Options

    As above it is too alike to gambling with an even larger house edge than rip off bookies.
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    I think cTrader is perfectly poised if MQ do drop the ball with MT4
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    One second charts

    Never seen it and not sure how much use it would be if it exists.
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    What is stop loss hunting ??

    Not sure it is related to the pic but stop loss hunting is normally what the banks do to a market on the back of news or at a technical level. Essentially most traders will see a level and think that they should enter a trade and place their SL typically where it is deemed safe or at a level...
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    Swap too high

    To be fair I think Pharaoh answered in the first comment!
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    Bitcoin (BTC) analysis thread

    Looking like it is going down the Plan A route at the moment. Be interesting to see if we continue to get a weekend push.
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    I agree looks like a slippage issue to me
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    This method of stop trailing.

    Think it depends on your trading style. If you are analysing and then just setting a stop and expecting that as wort case and TP as best then would you want to spend the time checking to see if you can set a trailing stop or move on. Also does it cause you to get too invested in a trade by...
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    Trading bot

    EAs can be good but I don't think you can leave them totally unattended. Too many market variables that require quick reactions that a bot can't always account for in its algorithm