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    XAU/USD - Long Bias

    So I thought I'd post an update on my take on GOLD. Price has been in a clean and steady uptrend for a while now and I'm looking to continue this uptrend play on the metal. Currently, I'm waiting for a break out on the daily above the minor 1562 resistance and then looking for the next 'minor'...
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    AUD/NZD Further downside

    After a nice, slow and steady trend ( a trailing stop loss traders dream ) we're finally seeing AUD/NZD pull back. Where do we go from here? No doubt a lot of traders that shorted it took some nice profits but where do we go from here? Personally, I'm still looking to short this however I need...
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    NZD/USD - Possible Downside!

    I'll keep this short. NZD/USD looks great to short next week. Let's go over a checklist Price is under 200 EMA Price pulled back to resistance Price has rejected at resistance Stochastic is overbought Checklist ticked off. Looks great for shorting! Good luck! DISCLAIMER: This is only a...
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    Do you enjoy trading forex? or you just want the money?

    For me its a passion driven by doing what I love, the money is just a bonus. I'd still trade if I only made peanuts doing it. My passion for trading grew when I could physically watch the world economy on a screen and that's what made me want to learn about trading. In the beginning, I didn't...
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    NZD/JPY 25/11/2019

    Hey all! So here it is, my first post ever on FPA. I'll be glad to start contributing on a regular basis. I thought I'd start my first post off on a Currency pair that's really been in my sight for over 5 weeks now! NZD/JPY Let's start back in March 2019 - Price formed a lower high on the...