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  • Hi Synchronicity
    I'd be interested in trying, testing the new Fibtree if the offer is still open

    Thanks in advance

    Hello GrahamFPA, please kindly share your FibTree indicator with me. Thanks a lot.
    Hi again Synchronicty

    I just wanted say thanks again for sharing your FibTree indi. It has really cleaned up my charts and having re-read Joe's book I see the reason for the "3&5" labeling.

    I have been doing some digging around and i have finally found a MACD predictor which mirrors the one that Sive uses. It works with Joe Di's numbers. If you are interested then please let me know I am happy to share?

    Kind regards

    Hi Synchronicity,

    I am interested in this indicator as well, I been studying Joe DiNapoli method for quite some time now and following Sive great analysis daily.

    Using the original MT4 Fib retracement and expansion is really difficult to identify levels on the chart.

    Charts get too crowded with lines all over. I am sure I will look into the charts in different way using your tool. It will take lots of frustration out and time saving.

    Is it available for download?

    Best regards
    Hi Synchronicity
    Sive suggested I give you a quick shout.
    I am a student of the Joe DiNapoli method of trading and I have been looking for a neat and tidy FIB indicator. I saw the one that Sive was usuing and it is just waht I have been looking for. I love it!
    I understand that you are looking for permission to share it with other members. Please would you let me know if and when you get permission or if you can share it privately.
    Kind regards
    Graham (Bristol UK)

    Oh by the way. I found an audio recording of Joe expalining a large part of his book during a conference. It really helped me to understand the passion he has for his discoveries. You may already have found it. You will need to register with INO TV to access it.
    INO TV - Free Videos, Learn the Markets
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