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  1. T is a scam broker

    Thanks for the reply, that was my assumption. The ToptTrade Group website says: This website is owned and operated by Widdershins Group LTD, company registration number: 2020/IBC00080 and registered address 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica. When I type Widdershins Group...
  2. T is a scam broker

    Thank you for your answer. Could you tell me something about from GM Litigantion Assistance - Deutschland /, because they have also written to me, but I'm afraid that this is also the way to the scammers. And MyChargeBack UK? Is that also a scam?
  3. T is a scam broker

    What I have learned since then is that TopTrade Group is just a boiler room, a game, with all the links, emails and web interfaces. It's a vast criminal enterprise whose fraud could only be stopped by the police if it weren't a boiler room.
  4. T is a scam broker

    Thank Yuo! Already done.
  5. T is a scam broker

    Thank you for your reply. Here Name of the fraudster company: TopTrade Group Broker name: Mark van Vissar Phone numbers for WhatsApp communication:+447735937368; +447479929446 1. Details of the card purchase Beneficiary: Communication: 2021.03.09 6250380912 POANION.COM...
  6. T is a scam broker

    Perhaps it is best to leave clues about this fraudulent company everywhere to save others. I found a Romanian man whose name was on a list that my broker had scraped. They had just closed his TopTrade Account. I wrote to him to run to the bank and ask for a refund on his card payments. This has...
  7. T is a scam broker

    Excuse me: FCA
  8. T is a scam broker

    Good afternoon Punisher, and thank you for your work. Is it worth contacting the FCI in this case, as the TopTrade Group has no supervisory body? I know I have made a lot of mistakes, but these people are using the methods of common criminals. They are ruining a lot of people's lives, as I saw...
  9. T is a scam broker

    Thanks, they have it.
  10. T is a scam broker

    Dear Edita! It happened to me too, but I’m just starting my fight. Do you think it's worth it?
  11. T

    EUR 10600 damaged by TopTrade Group

    I am writing to you to promote my cause on all platforms so that this does not happen to others. At the same time, I am asking for your help as to where I can turn and whether I have any hope of getting some of my money back. On 9 March 2021 I read an article, an interview with the head of...