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    AUD/JPY - Downside trend is still in full swing

    AUD/JPY - Downside trend is still in full swing
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    Is the Yen Still a Sale?

    Forex traders who correctly anticipated the yen was going to fall against other currencies have had a good month. At the beginning of January, the USD/JPY was trading just under 87¥ to the USD. By the end of the month it had slid to over 91¥ to the USD. Even more impressive was the strength...
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    Is the Bear Yen Position Becoming Too Popular?

    There are numerous reasons to be short the yen. Japan has demographic problem, a slumping economy seemingly headed for another recession, a record-high debt-to-GDP ratio, and recently a trade deficit, caused in part by the elevated level of the yen. There are other fundamental reasons to be...