axis market fx

  1. rharrison

    Scammed with Axis (sent money through Gemini)

    I had the scam experience with Axis through someone by the name of Matheus that I met on Facebook. I sent a total of $25,000 in BTC to axis through Gemini to be a diamond member. After seeing a balance go over $339,000 the Matheus had me send him 10 percent (over 34,000) of balance before he...
  2. Flormanifest is a SCAM, please beware

    Hello I'm new and trying to navigate my way around this forum. So please excuse if I am posting in the wrong forum. I never thought it would happen to me, but it did... I trusted naively and lost. I'm not sure I can recoupe anything and don't know where to start. I invested with a "swing...