1. A

    belforfx- scam broker

    On the August 25th I deposited 10,000$ on my belforfx trading account. After that I had some losses I deposited another 5,000$ on the September 29th and than I started to earn and when my balance reached to 18,000$ I tried to withdraw 8,000 on the October 12th. From the next day, every...
  2. yeremy87

    BelforFx SCAM does not return deposits

    Hi, I am desesperated with BelforFx who doesnt return my deposits. I received lots of calls of a senior representative on March 2015 called Heerbert Fletcher and Diego Rojas from BelforFx and I decided to open a real account, and I deposit 3000 euros. Firstly they push me to my account be...
  3. B

    BelforFx withdrawal problem

    I recently opened an account with BelforFX but when I discovered their integrity was questionable I asked that my account be closed. Their initial reply was that it would be done within 7 business days. However subsequent attempts to retrieve my deposit of $500 met with no response either to...
  4. J

    Belforfx will not return deposit

    I have deposited money at Belforfx and I have repeatedly requested my money returned to me, but I have not received any response. I would just like to receive my deposit back.
  5. O

    bonus scam of belforfx

    be cerfull of belforfx they are making a scam bonus .. they give you a bonus they say it is tradeable and can be "lost" or used as free margin but it is not...