best forex brokers

  1. LIKRE

    Fx Discounts and Rebates IC Markets : Special Discount (Lower Commission & Spread)

    We are a partner of IC Markets and offer a special discount for our members. IC Markets Direct Discount (Lower Commission & Lower Spread) Free! No additional conditions and fees Direct commission reduction Direct spread reduction You will get a commission reduction for "Raw Spread...
  2. sidekickstarter

    Where to start?

    I'm getting very confused. How do I start understanding the process. Actually, what is the procedure to start with Forex. Once I read a short book on Forex and knows a very little about Broker. Please, help me to start. Thanks in advance.
  3. AsstModerator

    Best Forex Broker

    Everyone wants to know the best forex broker. I see that question in this folder a dozen times every month. I move those questions over to Company Comparisons and Competitions, since those threads usually quickly turn into questionable company endorsements. A lot of people ask if FPA staff...